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Florida State football recruiting: 2017 class needs

How many recruits will Florida State need to sign at each position in 2017?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State just signed the No. 2 class in the country, but it's already time to think about the 2017 recruiting class. Let's get into how many players the Seminoles will likely need to sign at each position. This will be updated as roster changes happen and obviously is preliminary this far out. A lot of roster changes will be expected, because there is no way all the 2015 juniors will stick around for 2016.

Florida State will return three quarterbacks if none leave, and it usually wants to carry four, so at least one QB will be needed.

Florida State will return 18 skill position players (backs, receivers and tight ends) if none leave, but attrition of three should probably be expected, so expect FSU to take five skill guys, including two backs and two receivers.

The Seminoles will return 17 offensive linemen, but attrition of two is reasonable to anticipate, so three offensive linemen are likely to be signed.

FSU will return 17 defensive linemen, but attrition of three is reasonable, so look for FSU to sign four defensive linemen.

Florida State will return nine linebackers, but attrition of two is likely, so expect for two linebackers to be in the class.

The Seminoles will return 11 defensive backs and attrition of two is reasonable, so FSU will likely take five defensive backs including at least two safeties, considering Derwin James almost certainly projects as a player likely to leave after the 2017 season and the Seminoles do not want to be too young as the position.

FSU will three specialists, none are expected to leave early, so don't expect any in the class.

Projected totals:

1 QB
3 OL
4 DL
2 LB
5 DB
0 ST
20 Total

I could see Florida State signing 21 or 22 if it becomes more aggressive with creating attrition, but it's hard to say what positions the additional signees might be.