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Noles bounced from ACC tournament

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to an early game between Georgia Tech and Clemson that went 40 minutes past its allotted time slot (fouls are fun!), Nole fans didn't even get to see their team tip until 10:05 PM.

When the game finally did get started, Virginia Tech threw the first punch. They scored five quick points, and jumped out to a 11-6 lead.

The Noles got 3-happy early, with nine of their first 13 attempts coming from behind the arc. This prompted a Leonard Hamilton timeout to lay into the team, which seemed to calm the Noles down and they began attacking the rim.

But VT made seven of their first 10 2s, and both their 3s, and the were able to extend the lead to 22-15.

And instead of making a run to close things up, FSU went the wrong direction. By the under-8 media timeout the Noles were down 11.

It stayed that way until the end, or at least just before the end. The Noles had the final possession of the half with just five seconds on the clock, and Devon Bookert drained an NBA three to cut the lead to 45-38.

Virginia Tech came out hot in the 2nd, but despite them hitting circus shots, the Noles stayed tough and cut the lead to 57-52. Unfortunately, the refs decided to do their best to make sure the game lasted until 12:30 by calling 10 fouls before the first media timeout - and six of those were on FSU.

The Noles were able to keep it close, but with VT in the bonus for 14+ minutes it seemed like it would be their night. Sure enough, the final 14 minutes of regulation was a parade to the free throw line. It wasn't fun to watch (37 fouls called in the 2nd half), and we didn't like the outcome.

In the end VT won 96-85.

Devon Bookert led FSU with 19 points and four steals. Dwayne Bacon and Xavier Rathan-Mayes both had 13. Jarquez Smith had 11 points and 14 rebounds, and Malik Beasley scored 10.

Now the Noles await their NIT fate on Sunday.