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Florida State basketball postseason outlook: NIT or bust?

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FSU won't be selected for the NCAA tournament, so what are the options?

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More casual basketball fans like to compare making a bowl game to making the NCAA tournament. Those people are wrong. In football, 63% of teams participate in bowl games. In basketball, 19% of team participate in the NCAA tournament. An equivalent bowl season would consist of just 12 bowls.

Regardless, FSU won't be among that 19%, so what are the other options?

The NIT obviously has the most credibility, having been around a year longer than the NCAA tournament. Every year, lots of good teams play in the NIT, and nobody really turns down the opportunity to be among the top 32 teams which fail to make the big dance.

The NIT grants automatic bids to any team which wins a regular season conference title, but fails to make the NCAAT. So far, Belmont, Bucknell, High Point, Hofstra, IPFW, Monmouth, North Florida, UAB, Valparaiso and Wagner all have automatic bids to the NIT.

Currently, the NIT looks like the best (only?) option for FSU. In this morning's bracket matrix update, they have the Noles as a 3-seed in the NIT, hosting Ole Miss. Big Apple Buckets also maintains an NIT bracket, and John has FSU as a 4-seed hosting Ben Simmons and LSU. Both projections have FSU in the same bracket as the Gators.

Other tournaments include the CBI, the CIT, and the new kid on the block: the Vegas 16.

FSU was offered a place in last year's CBI, and turned it down. The CIT is for mid-majors. This leaves the Vegas 16.

This tourney could be great. It could be a bust. Who knows? I like the format where all the teams go to Vegas and play this thing out in five days, but it needs good teams to be any different than the others.

The NIT Selection Show will be broadcast at 8:30 Sunday on ESPNU.