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Join the Tomahawk Nation March Madness Pool

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The Noles are out, but you can still win!

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Though a bid to the NIT is likely, we still don't know exactly where the Florida State Seminoles will be playing their postseason ball this March. It's unfortunate that the team wasn't able to get its act together to the point that they would be hoping to hear their name called for the NCAA Tournament on Selection Sunday, but that doesn't mean that you all can't enjoy the madness anyway!

This year, we are operating a Tomahawk Nation bracket pool, where you can pit your college basketball knowledge against your fellow readers and TN writers alike. Our pool's prize will be bragging rights for a full calendar year, a reward worth fighting for. Don't let that stop you from making fun side bets with friends and other commenters, though.

We will be using Yahoo! for the bracket pool as a small way of saying thank you for their fruitful partnership with SB Nation. To join the league, first make sure you have a Yahoo! username, because the process will be much simpler if you already have that part done. Then, just follow this link, name your bracket, and fill in your choices when the tournament participants are announced. I would also suggest turning on the email notifications for important events, just to make sure you fill in your bracket on time.

So whether you make your picks based on basketball knowledge, a team's play against the Seminoles, mascots, colors, flipping a coin, a turtle race or however else, make sure to join the bracket pool and take part in the fun.