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Nolecast: Florida State spring preview, recruiting

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The Nolecast is out in time for Florida State fans as FSU begins spring practice.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of the Nolecast.

What are we looking for from spring practice? I have included the timestamps for your listening reference.

Quarterback -- Francois’ chance to take control

7 - Running back -- Has Patrick grown in his role? Will Cook work on hands?

11 - Receiver -- Will a big receiver step up? FSU’s small guys can be valuable, but you need size, too. Is it now or never for Harrison? Lane? Is Rudolph a true No. 1?

19 - Offensive line -- Several guys (Mavety, Kelly, Bello) are out. Still, FSU has numbers and the competition inside should remain strong. Bud doesn’t think any of the freshmen threaten this year, but is there reason to expect something other than Johnson-Are-Eberle-Bell-Kelly? The move of Rick Leonard could be interesting, but is it for 2017? Bud thinks so.Will anyone threaten on the interior?

25 - Defensive line -- Starters locked up. Goal is to find backup jumbo DE (maybe Torres?), and figure out if Featherston or Pugh can give you anything as reserve pass rushers. Who are DTs 4 and 5? Fred Jones is solid, will FSU get anything from RSo Arthur Williams or RFr Darvin Taylor? How much can Aime contribute? Bryant and Robinson to miss spring with injury.

30 - Linebacker-- Matthew Thomas, finally. But is Hoskins automatically next to him? I’m not so sure that Kilby-Lane or even true frosh Brown don’t beat him out. Purifoy or Lyons offer anything?

36 - Defensive back -- Replacing Brutus and Ramsey. James and White are great pieces to start. McFadden could be frontrunner at boundary. Will Green and Jackson be more than depth? Who at the other safety spot? Westbrook? Lewis? Where does Marshall fit in? Who will play nickel? Is Andrews the default at S if nobody else steps up?

46 - Recruiting update