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Pair of Seminoles changing positions entering spring practice

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Two former defensive players have officially shifted over to offense for the beginning of spring practice.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In the days leading up to the beginning of Florida State football's spring practice commencing, there were multiple rumors that a few Seminoles would be working with new position groups when spring practice got underway. During Jimbo Fisher's first press conference of the spring, he confirmed exactly this, stating that Rick Leonard, formally a defensive end, will now work with the offensive line at right tackle and Chris Casher, also a former defensive end, has been shifted to the offensive side of the ball as well to work as a tight end for his senior season.

Leonard saw limited minutes as a defensive end in 2015, accumulating five tackles and 2.5 tackles for loss in his restricted time. With two years of eligibility left, Fisher seems convinced that Leonard's future is instead at right tackle, saying that he thinks the offensive front is where Leonard can best help the team right now and also where he could have the most successful professional career, adding "I think he could [play right tackle] for a long time, I really do." However, Fisher also admitted that he could move back to the defense should this not work out.

Casher saw his production and playing time drop in 2015, totaling only seven tackles after going for more than 20 in each of his first two years. As such, Casher will be playing his final year as a Seminole at tight end. When prompted on  why the position change was made, Fisher mentioned Casher's ball skills and called him a natural runner, citing how good of a receiver he was in high school.

Although both of these position shifts may come as a surprise to some, Fisher's impressive track record of changing players to new positions that they thrive in more than their original spots speaks for itself and could prove to be a difference maker in 2016 with offensive line and tight end units that lacked depth at times a season ago.