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Derwin James' favorite FSU football early enrollee seems apparent

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Reading between the lines.

Florida State safety Derwin James may only be a single prolific year into his Seminole career, but he's well aware of how to address the media. I experienced that first hand on Thursday, when I caught up with him following the Seminoles' Fourth-Quarter drills, which were made open to media. After, selected 'Nole players were made available to the media. Of course, it's FSU policy not to release first-year players to the media, so we were not able to converse with FSU freshmen, much less early enrollees.

James gave somewhat quotidian answers throughout many of his responses, but he also may have shown his hand a bit with regard to which early enrollee has impressed him the most. And that player would be linebacker Josh Brown, whom Florida State lists at 6-2, 217. I thought Brown moved extremely well during Thursday's workout, and, evidently, I wasn't alone.

For when asked about which early enrollee impressed him most, James began -- and ended -- his responses with a commentary of Brown: "He comes out here, he works everyday," he began. When I asked James about which 'Noles had taught him the most about leadership, he was quick to respond: "DeMarcus [Walker], Lamarcus Brutus when he was here, Jalen [Ramsey]."

James also threw some love to early enrollee QB Malik Henry before closing his remarks by again mentioning Brown. When asked with which EE he's built the strongest relationship, James responded: "I think Josh, the most." Athletes are usually well versed in showering praise upon their teammates. But when you start and finish by lauding the same guy, your opinions seem far less then cryptic.

The return of Ro'Derrick Hoskins, a healthy Matt Thomas, and now encouraging news about the newest 'Nole LB should have FSU fans feeling pretty good about what has been a position of concern in the recent past.