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Nolecast: Spring lessons, fall questions for Florida State football

The No. 1 Florida State football podcast gives you the spring lessons and fall questions for FSU.

David Visser joins Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith on another episode of The Nolecast, reviewing spring football. Producer Judson Wright does a fantastic job of splicing in Brian McKnight's "Back At One" throughout the show.

The show starts with a discussion of FSU's trip to Orlando. What should Florida State fans expect when they go back for the opener against Ole Miss? Plus, some folks are taking way too much from spring stats.

-Then it's on to quarterback. What impressed us this spring from Deondre Francois and Malik Henry? Is J.J. Cosentino fully out of the plans? Did anyone do enough this spring to put a stranglehold on the job when Sean Maguire comes back?

-We ask the question: If Dalvin Cook's recovery isn't as quick as expected, how comfortable would we feel about FSU going against Ole Miss with Ryan Green and Jacques Patrick?

-Finally, a receiver over 6'1 emerges in Auden Tate. We discuss what we love about Auden Tate, and importantly, how he can make everyone around him better. Plus, who should be FSU's No. 2 tight end?

-When was the last time FSU had offensive line depth like this? With all the offensive linemen out, it was a tough spring to draw conclusions, but we saw some things we really liked from the backups. What will be the biggest position battle come fall when players get back healthy?

-The defensive line is going to be very good, and there's not that much to discuss from the learned/still need to learn perspective.

-Does Ro'Derrick Hoskins have something in him we haven't seen due to nagging injuries in previous seasons? What is the strength of the linebacker unit?

-What is Charles Kelly's biggest challenge with his defensive backs unit in replacing Jalen Ramsey and Lamarcus Brutus? What if Marcus Lewis had gone to Miami?

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