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Florida State Seminoles in the MLB: Week 2

A look at how former Florida State Baseball players are doing in the MLB.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Week two of the 2016 MLB season is now in the books, the former Florida State Seminoles in the majors will look to continue their season with many still in the major league pipelines looking for their chance.

On the disabled list, Devon Travis has been cleared to take live batting practice, and did so on Monday as he continues to rehab from a shoulder injury that ended his 2015 season early.

Buster Posey C: San Fransisco Giants:

2016 season: .273 AVG 12 games 2 HR 5 RBI .432 SLG

After a red hot beginning to the season, Posey had an off week, only recording three hits in 21 at bats. He had two runs to go along with those three hits, but did not record an RBI or extra base hit. He has been playing well behind the plate, gunning down Cory Seager of the LA Dodgers attempting to steal.

Stephen Drew INF: Washington Nationals:

2016 season: .273 AVG 7 games 1 HR 1 RBI .545 SLG

Drew has gotten a little more playing time recently, recording three hits in eight at bats this past week, including his first home run in a Nationals uniform.

Tyler Holt OF: Cincinnati Reds

2016 season: .143 AVG 9 games 0 HR 0 RBI .286 SLG

Holt recorded one hit, a double, this past week in his five chances at the plate. It was his first hit as a member of the Cincinnati Reds and has provided great depth at pinch runner this season.