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Florida State baseball: Tradition of dominance

Over the years, Florida State has conquered every team they have faced regardless as they continue their rich legacy.

Florida State baseball took on the Stetson Hatters last night, marking the fifth of six Floridian teams the 'Noles will face this season. Historically, they have had great success against the 19 teams they have faced from Florida, include against rivals Miami (149-124-4) and University of Florida (127-107-1). Since its inception in 1948, FSU has played over 1,000 baseball games against teams from the state of Florida, compiling a 724-356-7 record. However, Florida State is just as successful when it plays teams outside of the Sunshine State.

In the ranks of college baseball history, only one team has a higher winning percentage than the Seminole's .729 mark in just over 3,500 games. Against the other nine teams inside the top-10, FSU holds a 200-145-5 record, with the majority coming against the Miami Hurricanes. If you take the 'Canes and the 277 games out of the equation, the 'Noles own a 51-21-1 record against the eight remaining teams including a 23-11 edge over Arizona State and a 17-1 record over Grambling State.

Of the 231 opponents Florida State has squared off against, FSU only has a losing record against nine other teams it has played three or more times. The last time FSU has played three of those nine teams was before 1974 when it went 6-8 against Western Michigan, 4-8 against UNLV and 0-3 against Lewis. In more recent days, the 'Noles are only winless against one opponent, as they have yet to fend off the Arkansas Razorbacks in five games played. Rounding out the list are nationally recognizable teams in Texas (3-4), Arizona (5-8), Wichita State (4-5), Cal State Fullerton (7-10) and Southern California (2-6).

At the other end of the spectrum, Florida State is perfect against 38 teams with at least three games played between them. The 'Noles are undefeated with double digit wins against seven of those teams: Niagra (10-0), FAMU (13-0), Hofstra (16-0), App State (16-0), VMI (17-0), Charleston Southern (18-0) and Richmond (20-0). Their longest streak, 24 consecutive games won against Pitt, came to an end earlier this season with a loss during conference play.

Inside the Atlantic Coast Conference, Florida State is just as dominant. They have registered at least 65 wins against five programs (Wake Forest, Miami, GT, Duke and Clemson) and are 23 or more games over .500 against eight of the other 13 teams that make up the conference. In all, the 'Noles have 762 wins in the ACC and are coming off their sixth ACC Tournament championship.

Florida State baseball has always had a rich tradition where excellence and victories are heavily involved. The 'Noles are on their way to finishing 2016 above .500 for the 68th year, or every season in program history. Regardless of the opponents state or conference Florida State baseball has consistently emerged on top over the years.