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Nolecast: Florida State football, recruiting listener mailbag show

Florida State football fans have questions. We have answers.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith are back with a listener mailbag show.


What the hell would it have taken for the Bucs/Titans to give away those picks last year?

David Block @davidraider88 @Nolecast Who are your 3-4 likeliest transfer candidates?

Lastsonofkrypton @GodofKrypton @Nolecast What's the ceiling for the defense, assuming decent injury luck?

Justin Casey @JCase510 @Nolecast Do you like the defensive personnel better overall w/ Trey Marshall at Star position or w/ Marcus Lewis at star position?

Tyler Huck @TylerHuck @Nolecast with the emergence of both Lewis and McFadden, is there room for Levonta Taylor to get burn on defense in 2016?

Evan Johnson @evenflow58 @Nolecast Jimbo has been a little critical of Sweat this offseason. Concern or motivational tactic?

FSU Fan in SC @FSUFlamingSpear @Nolecast aside from WR where are we weakest?

Coach Lee @nolewarchief7 @Nolecast please discuss why you think Jimbo is being modest about this team. They are deeper in spots than our Natty team.

Hawaii_Nole @CalebJames17 @Nolecast Who would you rather have as QB if you had only these 2 to choose from...SMAG or Coker?


-DJ Matthews is going to enroll early

-The value of having top tier DTs in a year without many. and a relation to fantasy baseball

-IMG kids heading back to home region.