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NFL Draft player profile: FSU defensive lineman Giorgio Newberry

Newberry saw limited action until late in his career but do his stellar senior season and impressive pro day showing warrant a late-round draft pick?

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the most intriguing of Florida State's 2016 NFL Draft prospects is defensive lineman Giorgio Newberry. After all, Newberry bounced around the depth chart throughout his time at FSU, entering as a defensive lineman and finishing at defensive tackle, with a stint at tight end in the middle of his career. He struggled to find the field consistently until his final season when he emerged as a rotation player in the middle of the Seminole's defensive line.

Newberry (6'5, 284 pounds) emerged as one of the best in the country at affecting passes at the line of scrimmage in 2015. His six deflected passes last season was the most by any ACC defensive lineman. Newberry's breakout senior campaign was deemed deserving of him being invited to the NFL Draft Combine, where he ran a 4.94 40-yard dash. Just over a month later, the five-year Seminole showed improvement, shaving an entire tenth off his 40 time at Florida State's Pro Day on March 29th, which was officially recorded at 4.84 seconds. This is evidence of the work that he has put it since the 2015 season ended as Newberry lost 20 pounds between season's end and the 'Noles Pro Day.

Newberry's biggest weakness may be that his size and ability puts him squarely in between the prototypical defensive lineman and defensive tackle molds at the next level. He has never seen extended time at defensive end and has not demonstrated the burst expected of an professional edge rusher. On the other end of the spectrum, he currently lacks the requisite size and strength of an NFL defensive tackle, although his 6'5 frame could lend itself to putting on mass beyond what he showed in his collegiate career. Another thing working against Newberry is the limited game tape of his play, showing exactly how small his sample size is.

As expected with a player who took his time to break into the rotation, Newberry's game is a bit unrefined. However, he has showcased, in small doses, what he is capable of and there's a definite possibility that a team will take a late-round flyer on him on account of his potential.