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FSU running back Dalvin Cook undergoes shoulder surgery

The Seminole star will be sidelined for a bit.

Dalvin Cook
Dalvin Cook
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State football team will be without the services of its star running back for the rest of spring ball and then some, according to FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher. Fisher told media members that Cook went under the knife on Tuesday, which certainly explains his absence. Fisher downplayed the procedure:

"Dalvin had surgery on his shoulder. They cleaned up a little stuff in the back of his shoulder, but he'll be ready in a couple months. He'll be ready to go in June or July. Nothing drastic."

Fisher explained how it happened: "He felt a little thing in pass protection. He was doing a pass pro drill and he got pinned over, and something happened in the back of [his shoulder] and then they cleaned it up, so he will be out for the rest of spring. He'll be ready in a couple months."

We got clarification on the injury from FSU personal later: Cook had his front left labrum repaired in high school, and his front right labrum done two years ago. This surgery repaired his back right labrum.

Although there's never a good time for this kind of thing to happen, this is rather optimal timing. After all, Fisher revealed that he would not allow Cook to have been hit in the Spring Game anyway. Plus, Cook now has the entirety of the summer, when the 'Noles aren't practicing anyway, during which to heal up and rehabilitate.