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Florida State football podcast: Let's make a deal

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If you could trade college football players, what trades would Jimbo FIsher be able to pull off?

The Nolecast returns with another episode and it's a full hour of Florida State topics.

1:08 Pender

7:38 Jimbo’s beard

11:00 Satellite camps

Fisher’s 180 and where should FSU do them?

24:00 Trade market

We asked readers to propose a 1-for-1 trade they think an opposing team would actually accept. Most suggested QBs. Everyone thinks they can flip Ermon Lane for a mega prospect. What trades might actually work?

Flipping a DB for a big WR or a small WR for a big WR or a DT?. FSU has surplus at DB (Marcus Lewis and Taylor are not starters in this secondary) and small WR (Kermit/Bobo)

Cook for a really good qb? What would it take to give up Dalvin?

Maguire for?

Izzo for a LB?

Mortgaging the future?

46:43 Reader questions.

How do you feel about the coaching staff composition post NSD?

Which incoming frosh has best chance for PT?

How improved will LBs be?

Thoughts on the Vegas line (-8.5) against Ole Miss

Higher expectations for the 2016 team or the 2017 team?