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FSU's Dalvin Cook, Nate Andrews extol virtues of education at Tallahassee high school

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They can already play; now they're teaching, as well.

Dalvin Cook
Dalvin Cook
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In the recent past, I've written about Florida State players who have, quite admirably, shuffled their schedules in an effort to spend some time with their communities. Chief among them are Marquez White, who's created his own football camp in his Alabama hometown, and Auden Tate, who took time off from the gridiron to brighten many ladies' afternoons on Mother's Day. Even more recently, 'Nole running back Dalvin Cook and DB Nate Andrews added themselves to that list, as they teamed up to visit a local high school football squad and speak about the importance of education.

Love giving the future some advice!!

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