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FSU football's recent home-field advantage is unmatched

The planting of the spear has been much more than symbolic of late.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Only three college football programs can claim a national championship over the last three years: Florida State in 2013, Ohio State in 2014, and Alabama in 2015. FSU, however, is the only title-winning team that has posted a perfect season over that stretch. The 2014 Buckeyes dropped their second game -- a home contest, no less -- to Virginia Tech, while last year's Crimson Tide lost a matchup against Ole Miss on its own field in Tuscaloosa.

Not only did the 'Noles not falter during their championship season, they're also the only team that has not lost a single home game in the last three years, as national analyst Phil Steele pointed out via Twitter on Tuesday.

A little perspective, with regard to FSU's rivals: Florida has lost seven games in the vaunted Swamp during that time (including both games with Florida State). And while Clemson, which plays at the equally revered Death Valley, has been bested just once on its home field over the last three years, it's worth noting that the Tigers' 2013 51-14 defeat to the Seminoles was the worst loss ever therein. Miami has lost four home contests over the last three years, though that number can be contested, due to a lack of on-scene witnesses.