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Florida State football podcast: Answering the mailbag

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FSU fans have questions, we have answers.

The Nolecast is back with another episode from Ingram Smith and Bud Elliott.


0:51 Tyrell Lyons

11:31 What has happened to Davante Phillips?

13:09 Will anyone line up at FS full time this year?

14:32 FSU v. Clemson talent

23:34 What do we think of the ACC coaching hires?

27:28 Will FSU up the tempo this year?

32:59 Should FSU’s offense be No. 1 in FPI? If not, where?

37:47 Should Jimbo ditch outfit and go full Burt Reynolds w/ beard jeans and ass kicking boots?

39:29 Should Francois be the presumed starter like he is for the media?

41:50 What game on schedule can FSU lose and still have good shot at making playoff?


48:43 Mark Richt and recruiting: Impact so far?

54:20 Does FSU "have" to do satellite camps? Will Jimbo?

56:58 What positions matter the most for FSU in recruiting this year? Who are the top targets.