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Vegas releases first over/under win total for Florida State

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What do you think of what Vegas thinks of Florida State?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden Nugget Casino and Sportsbook in Las Vegas has released the first over/under betting lines of the year for the 2016 college football season.

Early betting lines are often a reflection of what the expert bookmakers believe, offered at low limits to allow early betting action to serve as feedback shaping the line before the limits are raised to accept larger bets. Some ultra-popular teams (Notre Dame, Dallas Cowboys) also may have their lines shaded on anticipation.

Florida State's over/under is 10, with the juice of -120 to the over, meaning one must wager $120 to net $100 on a bet of "over."

FSU's line compared quite favorably to other major powers, including rival Clemson.

Alabama 9.5
Auburn 7 (over -120)
Baylor 9 (under -125)
Clemson 10 (over -120)
Florida 8 (under -125)
Florida State 10 (over -120)
Georgia 8.5 (over -145)
Houston 9 (under -150)
Louisville 9
LSU 9.5 (over -140)
Michigan 9.5 (over -120)
Michigan State 8 (under -135)
Notre Dame 9 (under -125)
Ohio State 8.5 (over -115)
Oklahoma 10 (under -130)
Oklahoma State 8.5 (under -130)
Ole Miss 7.5 (under -115)
Oregon 8.5 (under -120)
Stanford 8 (under -130
TCU 8.5 (under -125)
Tennessee 10
UCLA 9 (over -120)
UNLV 4.5
USC 7.5 (over -120)

Releasing these early lines is also great publicity for books via the free advertising they receive through media for its newsworthiness.

Thoughts on the Florida State line? It seems fair given that FSU will likely face four or five ranked teams and two or three more in the upper half of college football. If forced, I would bet the over because to lose the wager FSU would need to drop three games, which doesn't seem super likely.

What other wagers do you like? I also like Clemson over (even though they play FSU) and think I like Ohio State's over. I don't see a team like Urban Meyer's losing three Big Ten games even if it does drop the contest at Oklahoma. And I am disappointed in not getting the opportunity to bet over on a shorter number with Tennessee.