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Florida State tight end target Alexander Marshall to commit in 3 weeks

FSU's coaches made two trips to see this talented player this spring.

Marshall in summer 2014
Marshall in summer 2014
Student Sports

New Hampshire isn't normally the place one goes to find elite college football talent, but that's exactly the spot coaches from Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, and USC have flocked to find elite tight end recruit Alexander Marshall. Marshall is from Andover (Ma.) but attends school in Andover (NH).

Marshall shared some exciting news Monday, announcing that he plans to commit on June 12.

This immediately set off a storm of tweets from FSU ace recruiter and tight ends coach Tim Brewster, all of which Marshall favorited or retweeted himself.

Sources feel good about FSU's chances of signing the 6'7, 240-pound Marshall, but why are so many schools after a three-star player ranked as the No. 28 tight end in the country by the 247Sports Composite, a representative sampling of the four major recruiting services?

The size is obvious. And though the competition he plays is quote poor, he does dominate it like an elite player would be expected to do. I've not yet seen Marshall in person, but I've spoken with multiple coaches (FSU and non) who tell me not only are there not 27 better tight ends nationally, but there aren't five, either. A couple actually said he was the best tight end in the country. The ability to run and control such a tall body is impressive, they say. And Marshall plays with tenacity.

While final recruiting rankings are great and predictive in the aggregate, early recruiting rankings are incredibly volatile and flawed. All those elite schools don't waste their time flying twice each to New Hampshire this spring to see a marginal prospect, especially considering those coaches will see few if any other elite prospects in that area of the country.

Marshall tells Tomahawk Nation that he is looking for education, coaching and how the team uses the tight end.