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5-star Stanford Samuels III goes in-depth on his commitment to Florida State

Samuesl has a message for FSU fans.

On Thursday, five-star cornerback Stanford Samuels III, a Florida State legacy from Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan High went public with his commitment to FSU. Samuels is a superstar player and one of the finest corners in America, so this is a huge deal. Samuels has acvanced technique for his age thanks to teaching by his dad who played for FSU and then over a half decade in the CFL. Here's what we discussed in the video, below:

-When did Samuels know he would pick Florida State?

-Samuels told him to make his own decision

-How does Samuels describe his game?

-Samuels grew up on FSU's practice field as his dad played for the Seminoles. What does he remember about that time? How was playing catch with Anquan Boldin? And what is it like seeing them now?

-What is the best part of Samuels' game? Why?

-How will Samuels be as a recruiter? Who is he going to try to recruit to join #Tribe17?