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VIDEO: FSU football head coach Jimbo Fisher following first session of camp

The head coach talked about the aspects of a camp for both the participants and players and gave some updates on current FSU players and signees.

Following the first complete high school session of the Jimbo Fisher Football Camp, Florida State football head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke about the camp and what it does for both the players and participants in terms of development. With the the current high school phase complete, the next phases of high school players at the camp will start with 7on7 and lineman on June 19th followed by the second half of high school beginning July 19th through July 21st.

Here's what was discussed:

- How much does it help facilitate having his own players function as instructors? Are there any guys who Fisher thinks could be a future coach?

- Will Florida State extend an offer to anyone at the camp?

- Going back to the love of the game, is it refreshing?

- Is it fun being able to coach Trey (Fisher's son) out there?

- Does Fisher have any plans for satellite camps?

- Is it just Joyner and Manuel FSU is waiting on?

- He finished up the interview giving an update on QB Sean Maguire who continues to recovery from ankle surgery.