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Denver Nuggets select FSU Basketball's Malik Beasley in the NBA Draft

Malik Beasley is a Nugget

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Malik Beasley was selected with the 19th overall pick in the NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets. Beasley is the first Florida State basketball player drafted in the 1st round since Chris Singleton in 2011, and the 11th 1st rounder in school history.

It was a bit of a surprise when Beasley announced he was leaving after his freshman season, but it turns out he received great advice due to the lack of shooters in the draft.

Despite having just average size for an NBA 2-guard, Malik moved up the draft boards due to his explosive athleticism and ability to shoot. The NBA has slots for guys who can knock down 3s and defend (3-and-D guys). His intangibles were also mentioned constantly in the weeks before the draft. He's polite, upbeat, inquisitive, and very professional for a young player.

Beasley will likely take time to settle in to the NBA, but he's just 19. While having the tools to be a plus defender, he didn't show that at Florida State. He gambled far too often, leaving his teammates playing 4-on-5, and could have been a better team rebounder if he paid more attention to the details. But with his reputation as a tireless worker it shouldn't take long for him to figure out that side of the ball. Plus there are no silly practice-time rules in the NBA. He can work with coaches and trainers full time.

On offense he's a direct line slasher or a jump shooter. He'll need time to more fully develop his handle, and to better learn how to create open shots for teammates. He gets tremendous lift on his jumper, allowing him to shoot over defenders, and in the open floor he's a complete menace.