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FSU football’s Rick Leonard adding mass while maintaining mobility

A daunting combination of size and speed.

Rick Leonard in spring practice

After two years at defensive end, Seminole junior Rick Leonard was transitioned over to the offensive side of the ball prior to 2016 spring practice. He worked out at a few different positions, but spent most of his time at right tackle, where he showed well, particularly regarding the fluidity of his movement.

The primary offseason challenge for Leonard has been bulking up as a part of transitioning from an end’s body to that of a tackle. He began the 2015 season at 281 pounds, and had increased to 287 by spring ball. He looked to have put on a little more good weight when we saw him at Jimbo Fisher Camp the other week. And if we’re to believe a recent tweet Leonard issued, he’s now north of three bills-- while nevertheless appearing to have maintained the quickness that makes his combination of size and frame incredibly rife with potential.

Leonard’s tweet, included below, has him at 305, yet still hitting a higher top speed over 20 yards than other ‘Nole bigs, including former end cohort DeMarcus Walker, who most recently tipped the scales at 273. It’s also worth noting that Leonard bested defensive tackle Wally Aime, who looked very fast in pursuing quarterbacks at the Florida State Spring Game.