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FSU’s new Doak Campbell Stadium spears: Garnet, gold...and pink?

Is depending upon sunshine the best plan?

A new spear at Doak Campbell Stadium

While Florida State football’s recruiting success has been a major storyline of the summer, another ongoing theme has been the significant renovations to Doak Campbell Stadium, where the Seminoles’ talented new commitments will showcase their skills.

And according to a recent newsletter to FSU Boosters, those improvements, consisting primarily of the construction of the south end zone’s Champions Club, are receiving their “finishing touches.” Per the release, the air conditioning is on, the elevators are running, and the targeted completion date of September 2 appears entirely achievable.

Another aspect of the changes is a massive shade element over a number of seats, which is supported by a series of recently installed spears. The spears, constructed by FSU’s Master Craftsman Studio, are designed “with beveled glass refracting natural sunlight into hues of garnet and gold.” It sounds rather impressive-- but it also looks pretty pink when that sunlight is in short supply.

A broader look at the spears over the south end zone