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57 days to FSU football: Who was the best 'Nole to wear No. 57?

The No. 57 jersey is the feature of today as it represents the number of days left until Florida State opens its season in Orlando.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

As the countdown hits 57 days until FSU opening kickoff, the No. 57 is the spotlight for today. As always, don't forget to vote for who you think is the greatest No. 57 in Florida State history.

Nose guard John Nance wore the No. 57 from 1990-1993, his final four years on campus. In 1993, the first national championship winning team in school history, Nance was named to the third team All-ACC following the year. The Florida native played at least six games each of the five years he was a part of the Florida State football squad.

Another national champion, center Eric Thomas, was named to the second team All-ACC following the 1999 national championship season. He wore No. 57 five years from 1995-1999 and was a pivotal player throughout that 1999 season, winning ACC lineman of the week in a huge 41-35 victory over No. 10 Georgia Tech.

Here are some other No. 57s in FSU history:

Jack Jones (1948)

Glenn Allen (1949)

Ronnie King (1954)

Joe Kinnan (1967)

Ron Lowe (1969)

Robert Carden (1969)

Steve Bratton (1970-1972)

Blaise Boscaccy (1973)

David Hanks (1975)

Cedric Wyatt (1977)

Keith Baker (1978-1979)

Tim Mitchell (1980-1981)

Doug Hill (1982-1984)

Davis Schrenker (1982)

Jesse Solomon (1985)

Ronnie Byrom (1986)

Jimmie Holton (1986)

Corey Senior (1987-1988)

David Whittington (1989)

Antoine Mirambeau (1998)

Yusuf Shakir (1998)

Matt Heinz (2001-2003)

Robert May (2002)

Brandon Davis (2008-2009)

Holmes Onwukaife (2010)

Phillip Doumar (2012-2013)

Corey Martinez (2014-present)