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65 days to FSU football: The top 'Noles to don No. 65

With 65 days left until FSU football, we take a look at the No. 65 jersey in 'Nole history.

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There are just 65 days remaining until Florida State opens up its season against Ole Miss. Today, we take a look at the history of the No. 65 uniform.

Hayward Haynes, a guard who wore No. 65 from 1986-1990, was named to a postseason team once in his career. In 1990, the former 'Nole was named to the second team All-South Independent following the season. Despite never making an All-American or first team All-South Independent team in his career, that didn't stop the New Orleans Saints from drafting him in the seventh round of the 1991 draft.

In 1996, guard Chad Bates was named to the first team All-ACC after his senior year. The previous season, he had been named an All-ACC honorable mention. The South Carolina native started two and a half years and Florida State while wearing No. 65 on his back from 1993 to 1996.

Here are some other players who wore No. 65 in their FSU career:

  • Mark Trafton (1956)
  • Jerry Graham (1957)
  • Lou Barona (1958)
  • Bob Morrow (1959)
  • Mike Rocker (1959)
  • John Levings (1960-1962)
  • Jerry Wooten (1963)
  • David Hall (1965)
  • Dale McCullers (1966)
  • Bill Shaw (1969)
  • J.W. McKinnie (1969-1971)
  • Tom Prestwood (1972)
  • Billy McPhillips (1973-1974)
  • Robert Thompson (1976)
  • Dmitri Rigas (1977)
  • Gil Wesley (1976)
  • Darryl Gray (1981-1985)
  • Billy Glenn (1991-1992)
  • Eric Broe (2001-2003)
  • Garrison Sanborn (2006-2007)
  • Zach Aronson (2009)
  • Ruben Carter (2012-2014)

Vote for who you think was the greatest 'Nole to wear No. 65