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FSU football releases tentative depth chart

Emphasis on “tentative” here.

FSU released a tentative depth chart heading into Fall practice. See page 10 (32) below in the FSU Seminole Football Preview PDF. Other pieces to the media guide can be found here.


Now, onto the hard-hitting analysis... ok, there isn’t any. I would read this depth chart as “the guys listed at each position have or will play this position this Fall. Or at least in practice. Probably.”

I do think it’s interesting that Chad Mavety, a serviceable lineman at RG and RT last year, isn’t listed anywhere on the depth chart. That’s probably not a good sign, as Mavety’s health has been in question for a while now. Aside from that, I would say only Roderick Johnson’s spot is guaranteed along the offensive line right now heading into practice.

FSU has Kermit Whitfield and Bobo Wilson starting at 2 of the 3 WR spots. This seems somewhat unlikely, as we can audibly discern Auden Tate’s music coming from the stadium.

J.J. Cosentino rejoins the team after disappearing in the 2nd quarter of the Peach Bowl.

Special appearance by Chris Casher on page 2, but not on the official roster listed on pages 8 or 9; thus, solidifying his move from Defensive End to Tight End to End.