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Follow Florida State at ACC Media Day

Updates on FSU from ACC Media Day,

While much of our staff is busy cutting up clips and interviews of top recruits from the recent Jimbo Fisher Football Camp, Florida State is also at ACC Media Day. Jimbo Fisher, Dalvin Cook and Demarcus Walker will be speaking, and while we are not anticipating anything groundbreaking, we’ll be sure to add it to this page if it happens.

FSU did release its depth chart, though our sources believe it’s mostly based on seniority and won’t be the squad FSU runs out on opening night against Ole Miss.


Below, hear Jimbo Fisher speak about Florida State to ESPN Radio's Jeff Cameron.

This team is more mature, but what is it's work ethic and how will it go about developing a championship mentality. Fisher is excited about the talent level of the team and says he cannot wait for fall practice to start. He says that each team must take its own route, but foster the confidence differently each season.  Fisher says that some players don't realize how good they can be, and it's his job to bring that out in them and give them the confidence, methods and habits to reach their potential.

Fisher spoke about how strong the defense can be and how good the offense can be as well. He seemed to be in a good mood and Cameron did a good job of bringing out answers from the head coach. Fisher knows the team can lean on Dalvin Cook, but says that he hasn't heard in two or three years players being as excited about other players are they have been this summer. He says that Dalvin Cook is constantly bragging on the performance of others.


A report from USA Today says that the ACC Network will bring in $5-8M per school once launched in 2019, putting the league revenue ahead of the Pac-12 or Big XII.


Louisville will be without one of its top linebackers this year. He was previously expected to return from injury.


NC State's coach let it be known that there are discussions about divisional realignment, but they can't get the votes because of the teams in the Coastal Division (the division without FSU and Clemson).

In a perfect world, the ACC would scrap divisions and go with a plan like this.


Jimbo Fisher made his appearance on ESPN. Brendan Sonnone had several tweets about it.

Fisher said that "retooling" in 2015 didn't change his team's goal of winning a national title. Points to how his team has recruited.

This is pure nonsense. We've written about this before. His message is totally different this year.

Fisher asked about what it would take to get to the NFL. "It would take something special, because we have something special [at FSU."

Fisher: "I can draft one first-round pick [in the NFL]. If I recruit right, I can get 3 or 4."

FSU is one of a handful of teams to have more four- and five-stars on its roster than two- and three-stars. It's a great job.

Dalvin Cook spoke, too.

Dalvin Cook says he thinks he's the best back in the country. Played many games not 100%. Wants to become better without ball in hands. Dalvin Cook says that when he sees 8 in box against him he still thinks he can go 80 yards. Cook says that when you go against the players that #FSU has on defense that Saturday is nothing. "We have the best guys in the country."

Pretty standard stuff.


Fisher, Walker and Cook speak to the media.

Dalvin Cook

Cook says FSU helped him prepare through adversity. ... Thinks the offense will be better in 2016 due to maturity ...  He learned he has to take care of his body in the training room even more so he can stay healthy

Demarcus Walker

Walker says team is eager to learn ... He says the team is preparing by taking care of the little things ...

Walker also said he thinks FSU's defense could be its best in history, which, well, at least he is optimistic.

Jimbo Fisher

Fisher is very pleased with Sean Maguire's recovery, but is also happy with the progress made by Deondre Francois and there will be a QB competition ... the key to winning more third downs will be winning first downs, but also being better on offense so the defense doesn't get work out ...

Jimbo Fisher praised Josh Sweat at 250 pounds, Derrick Nnadi in a discussion of players from Virginia. Also cited E.J. Manuel in helping to recruit the area. Levonta Taylor is next.

Jimbo Fisher says think about different timelines of development. Jameis Winston left after RSo Yr. Charlie Ward started as RS Junior. This impacts expectations.

Fisher thinks the offseason has been great and that opening with a marquee opponent ramps up the offseason focus.

"You'll have to ask Mark [Richt] to find out what he's gonna do to turn Miami around," Fisher said. Went on to heap praise upon him.

Fisher on looking for quarterbacks: certain baseline level of arm talent, understand what you're looking at, and look to see what is happening on film, including whether he is moving team down the field.

More to come.