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Florida State’s DeMarcus Walker at ACC Media Day

See what Florida State’s DeMarcus Walker said at ACC Media Day.

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Q. Describe Dalvin as a leader. He was using his indoor voice. Does he have an outdoor voice on the field?

DeMARCUS WALKER: Most definitely. Dalvin talk when he want to. He and I both do a good job of leading this team. The thing about us, we're great listeners. Anything Coach Fisher emphasizes or talks about, we make sure we emphasize that to the team. We just always continue being who we are.

Q. The decision to come back to Florida State and be a part of 2016, what did that for you? What made this the right time and made it something that was vital for you as opposed to another option?

DeMARCUS WALKER: The biggest thing you come to college for is an education. A degree was the best thing. Just sitting out with Coach Fisher and talking with my family, it was the best decision for me to come back.

I was coming back to a great team. Very talented. We're disciplined. We're back. We're better than ever.

Q. Obviously championships are what help prove what a program's worth is. Outside of championships, how do you know every week at different parts during the season that you're accomplishing what you need to accomplish?

DeMARCUS WALKER: You got to be able to self-analyze. The coaches stay on us. But the biggest thing for us is you just got to take it one game at a time, the small details. Playing great championship football is what it takes to win every week.

Q. What are the small details you're working on during the off-season?

DeMARCUS WALKER: Just small things, eating right, sleeping right, not staying up so late, going to the training room, cold tub, hot tub, all that small stuff plays a big part. Something that Coach Fisher emphasizes, going into game day, treat it like a test.

When people is studying for a test, they ready to take it. When people didn't study for it, they don't want to take it. Every week we have to go in with the mindset that I'm going to prepare well so I can be ready for this game.

Q. Offensive explosion right now. As a defensive player, what is it like going against the Clemson offense, Syracuse? What are the challenges that defensive players face today with all this emphasis on speed and tempo?

DeMARCUS WALKER: Tempo offense pretty hard. With our strength and conditioning, our practices are so hard, when it come game day, it's really slower than the actual game.

We just got to, you know, continue to practice hard like we always do, just get signals faster, line up and play football.

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