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Follow Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher at ESPN Carwash all day

Jimbo Fisher will do at least seven ESPN interviews Tuesday. We’ll tell you what he says.

Florida State v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is spending his Tuesday at the ESPN “Car Wash,” a clever name for being run through a series of interviews. We’ll have updates from each according to the rough schedule, below. Stay tuned throughout the day. Most of the questions will be poor or re-hashed, so we’ll try to only bring new items to the page. Information is paraphrased unless quotes are used.

9 O’Clock hour — Mike & Mike

  • On scheduling tougher OoC opponents: SoS is important according to the committee, UF is an annual big game that people forget about, but Fisher is excited to play elite teams when it’s smart to do so.
  • He thinks playing a tough opening game like Ole Miss helps to keep focus during summer.
  • Does he expect the playoff to eventually expand. He does not think a two-loss team will ever get in with a four-team playoff.
  • Fisher on analytics: Drastic change in recent years on the amount of information you get before you make the call. Used to have to rely on instincts. The numbers stick in your head, with blitz tendencies, formation, side of the field, field position. You have to retain them, but they can be overwhelming and at the end of the day you have to understand your people and rely on watching the film and watching the game as it progresses on the field.
  • 2-point conversions: Fisher does not think 2-point conversions will take over CFB like it has the NFL because extra points have not been moved back in college.

10:20 — Sportscenter

  • On recruiting pitch: Won more games than any team in last 30 years, broke record (29 guys drafted in three years), education, diversity, city, tradition.
  • Learn from the Houston loss, don’t focus on it.
  • On defending Deshaun Watson: Great with arm, decisions and feet, plus he processes quickly what to do when things break down.
  • Fisher feels the team is mature and ready to be on Showtime’s “A Season With,” and wants people to see how committed the kids are to being a championship program on and off the field.
  • He’s happy to keep Bobby Bowden’s legacy alive.

12:30 — His and Hers

  • Downplayed the role of social media in recruiting and values personal relationships over hype.
  • Fisher and Jameis Winston visited Orlando survivors. Said while uplifting the victims, the victims attitude actually uplifted them.

1:30 — CFB Live

  • Downplayed the importance of the QB battle.
  • Jimbo Fisher just claimed FSU's soft-tissue injuries are down over 90% over the last 4 years due to the GPS system. That's an incredible claim.
  • Brushed off questions about Miami and said recruiting in South Florida is already tough as FSU fights against all teams nationally down there.

The schedule available to the media seems to be screwed up, so we’ll see about any other appearances.

3:30 — Rusillo and Kanell

  • Jimbo Fisher turns around Charles Barkley's comment about ACC football and says nobody said anything about that when he played hoops at AUB. Fisher says he loves Barkley and knows him. Sees him every once in a while.
  • Fisher says Dalvin Cook is the best teammate.

6:15 — Finebaum show (Ryan McGee interviewer)

  • Says the team has to take the next step and never accept anything short of greatness.
  • Fisher says he can never get complacent and must constantly push forward.
  • Integrating freshmen: current players do a great job of teaching during summer workouts. Fisher doesn’t want guys who want to sit, does want ones who are smart enough to realize when it is best for them.