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20 days to FSU football: Who gets your vote for the top No. 20 in history?

Just 20 days separate Florida State and Ole Miss as the teams are less than three weeks from facing each other to begin the 2016 season.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

We are now just 20 days away until Florida State takes on Ole Miss in Orlando to begin the 2016 season, meaning it's time to take a look back at the greatest No. 20s in Florida State football history.

Leading off is the most recent No. 20 award winner in defensive back Lamarcus Joyner who wore the number from 2010-2013. The consensus All-American in 2013 earned 1st team honors from multiple publications including the AP, ESPN, USA Today and Sporting News. He added second team honors from CBS Sports and SB Nation. Aside from his first team ACC selection in 2013, Joyner was a member of the first team All-ACC in 2012 and second team All-ACC in 2011. Following FSU's 2013 National Championship season, Joyner's last year at FSU, the St. Louis (now Los Angeles) Rams selected the Florida native in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He will enter his third NFL season once play begins next month, still repping the No. 20.

Tommy Brown, running back in the early days of FSU Football, received Little All-American honors in 1951, earning an honorable mention from the Associated Press. He wore No. 20 from 1950-1952 and still holds the record for the longest punt in Florida State football history at 84 yards.

Iconic QB and defensive back Lee Corso donned the No. 20 in his final two years on campus in 1955-1956. His one and only All-American honorable mention came from the AP following the 1956 season. Corso was inducted into the Florida State football Hall of Fame in 1978 after leading the 'Noles in rushing, passing and interceptions in separate years at FSU. In the 1957 NFL Draft, the Chicago Cardinals took a flier on the young athlete, selecting Corso in the 29th round.

The very next quarterback at Florida State would earn an All-American honorable mention of his own after the 1958 season. Bobby Renn, who wore No. 20 in that 1958 season, his senior year, would be elected to the FSU football Hall of Fame in 1984 citing his work on both sides of the ball and excellent punting ability. He would go on to be drafted in the 22nd round of the 1958 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns.

Defensive back Jamie Robinson earned a Freshman All-American honorable mention in 2005, his first of five years on campus, all while wearing No. 20.

Receiver Mike Shumann wore No. 20 from 1973-1977 and earned All-South Independent honors throughout his career. He was named to the first team in 1974 and 1977 while earning an honorable mention in 1975. His accolades would send him into the FSU Hall of Fame in 1991. He would go onto the NFL as an undrafted free agent following the 1978 NFL Draft, and would play in six NFL seasons including a Super Bowl appearance in 1982.

James Colzi, No. 20 from 1994-1996, would earn an All-ACC honorable mention in 1996. The defensive back would spend a total of four years in Tallahassee.

Here are some other names to wear the No. 20 at Florida State:

  • Ernie Reddick (1948)
  • Buddy Reynolds (1957)
  • Willie Whitehead (1959-1961)
  • Dave Snyder (1962-1963)
  • Larry Green (1964-1967)
  • Danny Thomas (1968-1969)
  • David Snell (1969-1971)
  • Ken Burnett (1980-1982)
  • Roosevelt Snipes (1983-1985)
  • Keith Ross (1986-1988)
  • Clyde Allen (1989-1993)
  • Vannez Gooch (1997)
  • Raymont Skaggs (1998-1999)
  • Nick Maddox (1999-2002)
  • Torrance Washington (2003)
  • Anthony Houllis (2004)
  • Trey Marshall (2014-present)