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FSU’s new video board is no joke

Watch Florida State's greatness in glorious HD

We’d all heard the talks of the new incoming video board and how it was going to totally blow people’s minds, but no one really understood that until FSU Football’s twitter released a sneak peek video of it in full action. This new board is 9,368 square feet of pure awesomeness with true “high-definition image (1080p) which represents more than a 250 percent increase in overall resolution” as previously reported on by the Seminoles athletic website. That makes this the largest video board in the state of Florida and the second largest nationally behind Auburn. Perhaps Auburn is overcompensating for something, like, a national title loss to FSU.

Now I don’t really understand all the technical mumbo-jumbo, but all I know is Doak is going to be absolutely crazy this fall and I can’t wait to hear it and see it from a mile away.