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5 Florida State football questions that can be answered in fall camp

The No. 1 Florida State football podcast tackles five questions on fall camp.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with an episode of The Nolecast. Florida State fall camp begins August 9, so they get into a few topics.

Quick topics: Spurrier at UF, Social media and coaching rules, and Cam Akers.

Top five questions for fall camp

Smith and Elliott try to focus only on questions that can actually be answered during fall camp, as opposed to broader questions about the season.

  1. Will the QB decision be an easy one for Jimbo Fisher?
  2. How will roles in the secondary be divvied up? Will the five starters remain the same, or will they change based on opponent? What is the optimal mix of matching up and chemistry? Will veterans be OK if they play 2-300 snaps as opposed to 8-900?
  3. Who are the backups at defensive end?
  4. Will three or four receivers separate from the pack? Or will there be a wide rotation?
  5. How many new faces will earn spots on the offensive line?

Bonus: Who fills the special teams roles?