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On ‘or’ and reading a depth chart

This article is written entirely for us to link it several times per year.

I am writing this mainly so that I can refer back to it the 15 or so times per year Florida State releases a depth chart. There is a lot more confusion about it than there probably should be, so let’s go over this, particularly the word "OR," as seen below.

Let’s blow up one example, the running backs from the depth chart above.

Dalvin Cook
Jacques Patrick
OR Jonathan Vickers
OR Ryan Green
OR Amir Arsul

If there is an "or" between player names, that means there is a tie at that spot. In the running back example, above, there are four backups to Dalvin Cook. Everyone is second string. Nobody is ahead of another after Dalvin Cook.

The same thing applies to receiver, where there is a four-way tie for first string:

Jesus Wilson
OR Ermon Lane
OR George Campbell
OR Keith Gavin

I hope this clears things up. If you see a reader not understanding how to read the depth chart please do share this with him/her.