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FSU football’s Travis Rudolph brightens a young man’s day

Kinda dusty in here.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State
Travis Rudolph
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Florida State receiver Travis Rudolph has drawn glowing reviews throughout the offseason. The West Palm Beach wideout topped the ‘Noles with 59 receptions for 916 yards and seven scoring grabs in 2015 and has established himself as the leader of the Seminoles’ pass-catching corps.

But recently, Rudolph showed that his leadership extends far beyond the playing field. He demonstrated that with a simple act of kindness and inclusion, an act that touched the heart of a local mother, whose autistic son received some one-on-one time with Rudolph while he and other FSU players visited the youngster’s school.

‘Nole Head Coach Jimbo Fisher was asked about Rudolph’s act after Florida State practiced on Tuesday; this is what he had to say:

Made some young man's day. You can change someone's life positively or negatively every day making good choices. I'm very proud of our guys. We do a lot of community service. . . . Our guys love doing it. I'm telling you, if you guys could get around our guys like that, I mean, they're awesome, those kids. Some of them were in those tough situations growing up and I'm just very proud of them and glad we are doing things in a positive way.

But ultimately, I think it’s best to just let the young man’s mother tell the story herself:

Several times lately I have tried to remember my time in middle school, did I like all my teachers, do I even remember...

Leah Paske 貼上了 2016年8月30日

Rudolph spoke about the lunch after practice on Tuesday: