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FSU head coach Jimbo Sheds Light on Plan for Ole Miss

Jimbo Fisher spoke on Wednesday during the weekly ACC Coaches Teleconference

On Wednesday, Florida State football head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke to the media during his weekly teleconference. Among the topics discussed were new starting quarterback Deondre Francois, how the team is looking at Ole Miss, and Travis Rudolph’s recent lunch with an autistic child.

RS Freshman QB Deondre Francois

  • Fisher is impressed by Francois’ “grind”
  • Francois’ ability to “come to work and study the game. He doesn’t get to high and doesn’t get to low. He always pushes himself.”
  • Francois has earned “the respect of the team through his work ethic... He won over the team.”
  • “They respect him and how he handles his business daily.”

Ole Miss Receivers

  • Fisher is impressed with the “size and athleticism” of the Ole Miss receivers, even after losing Laquon Treadwell.
  • “They attack the ball and use their hands very well.”

Secondary vs Chad Kelly

  • Defensive backs will need to “challenge every catch.”
  • Coaches will need to “mix coverages, mix blitzes, mix personnel.”
  • “Don’t let [Chad Kelly] get comfortable.”

3 Keys to Monday Night

  • Get into great habits and not let the moment overwhelm you
  • Take care of the football: “create turnovers and hold on to the ball on offense.”
  • Control the line of scrimmage: “We need to stop the run.”

Travis Rudolph having lunch with an autistic child

  • Travis Rudolph and other Seminole football players spent time with elementary school children on Aug. 30.
  • Rudolph was seen having lunch with a lone child with autism.
  • Coach Fisher was “not surprised” it blew up social media
  • “The principal said ‘it was the best day (the students) ever had.’”