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Jimbo Fisher press conference audio: Comments on Deondre Francois similar to those on Christian Ponder

Jimbo Fisher’s comments about the QB race could be revealing.

Listening to Jimbo Fisher give his annual fall camp Florida State opening press conference gave me a flashback to something he said almost a decade ago about knowing that Christian Ponder was going to be his future quarterback. In an early QB meeting session, Fisher said that Ponder was asking the right "why" questions and that told Fisher that Ponder was understanding the offense conceptually. Ponder ultimately unseated incumbent starter Drew Weatherford in 2008.

Following a discussion on players growing and Fisher being able to tell players understand, he pivoted to Francois.

"That’s why I was encouraged with him in the spring," Fisher said of Francois. "Even with the mistakes, it was what he did, why he did, he’s really grown and that’s why I feel he is legitimately in the competition to be the guy. He understands the whys and the why nots of the game"

The full audio of the press conference along with a few other thoughts from me is available above.