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Florida State’s next media availability is Friday

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Practice for the rest of the week has been closed.

North Carolina State v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

Update 6:40 — Word from sources is that Kareem Are did not practice Thursday, making it three consecutive practices missed. Derrick Kelly took reps at left guard. As expected, Eberle also did not practice. As stated in the original story, we will ask Jimbo Fisher about the pair tomorrow.

Original story

Florida State has announced that it has moved up practice and that all media availability has been cancelled for Thursday with the approaching tropical storm or hurricane Hermine.

Interestingly, FSU had already closed the viewing portion of practice for the media for the rest of the week, after curiously closing Tuesday’s viewing portion and holding media interviews in the stadium instead of the practice fields. As a result, we will be unable to provide practice reports for the rest of the week.

The last time media was allowed (or will be allowed, apparently) to view practice before FSU faces Ole Miss was Monday. To be clear, the media viewing portion of practice is extremely brief, consisting mostly of watching stretching and noting who is there. Media does not have the opportunity to watch plays, trick plays, full team, install or scrimmages.

Many have asked why FSU is closing practice, and some have speculated that FSU is allowing Showtime to have the only access for its “A Season With” show, or that FSU is trying to hide a bunch of trick or special plays. The former seems unlikely given recent news, and the latter simply doesn’t happen during the period media is typically allowed to view.

The most common reason practice seems to be closed in recent years is to prevent the media from seeing who is hurt, and perhaps more importantly, who is practicing in their place.

Florida State starting center Alec Eberle has missed the vast majority of practice over the last week, first with concussion-like symptoms, later termed a migraine issue. Jimbo Fisher stated in his weekly radio show Wednesday that third-stringer Andrew Boselli took all the reps in the recent August 24 scrimmage (backup center Corey Martinez is out a couple weeks with an MCL injury). Fisher said Tuesday that Eberle would practice in “a day or so,” but Wednesday, that timetable moved to him practicing Friday and that he expects Eberle to play Monday. That optimism that Eberle will be able to play Monday is shared within the program. But it’s unknown how he will react to practicing and whether the concussion or migraine symptoms will return.

Sources also told Tomahawk Nation that starting left guard Kareem Are did not practice Tuesday or Wednesday. His injury, or status, is unknown. Florida State has a deep bench of guards, including Derrick Kelly, Landon Dickerson, Cole Minshew and David Robbins, but this is a situation worth monitoring.

Jimbo Fisher’s next media availability is scheduled to be Friday at an unknown time, at which point we will inquire about Eberle and Are, as we intended to do Thursday. FSU will provide its injury report Friday or Saturday.