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Updates: Derwin James knee injury information

Florida State’s superstar safety did not return.

Update 9/12, 9 AM: Multiple sources have told Tomahawk Nation that Derwin James’ procedure is scheduled Monday for what they believe is a meniscus injury. It’s possible that Jimbo Fisher will be able to provide an updated prognosis and timetable for return at his 1 ET press conference.

Update 9/12, 8 AM: Jimbo Fisher said Monday morning on the Pepsi interview on 97.9 ESPN Radio Jeff Cameron Show that there is “something there” but they are not sure yet, and that initial fears were an ACL but that they no longer believe it is an ACL.

This matches up exactly with what we were hearing from folks in the program, including the shift in mood from fearing the worst to now believing the injury is less serious.

Update 9/11, 10 PM: I do not know Derwin James’ exact injury. I do not know if they have been able to successfully MRI James’ knee (swelling).

Several of my sources expect that there will be some sort of procedure, but I do not know if it will be to repair a specific thing or to check things out internally via a scope, or both. The fact that my sources don’t seem to agree on an injury (thus why I am not reporting unconfirmed specifics), but do agree on the procedure happening suggests to me that perhaps the full extent of the injury is not yet known. If the procedure does happen, recovery time is a couple weeks minimum.

I also know that James was in good spirits and joking around with his teammates Sunday, which could be a good sign. I can also report that the mood surrounding the program has changed a lot in the last 30 hours, from very down and worried about the injury to more positive and hopeful. I don’t know if that is blind optimism on their part or based in fact.

We’ve shot down so many “tips” as either premature or flat out untrue over the last day, and will continue to bring the most accurate information to our readership.

The next information on this should come during Jimbo Fisher’s press conference at 1 ET Monday.

Update 9/10, 6 PM: Jimbo Fisher in the presser after the game said no updates yet and they are awaiting word from the medical staff. Fisher said starters were supposed to play two series in the second half.


Florida State is cruising to a victory against an overmatched Charleston Southern team, but its superstar safety Derwin James injured his left knee in the third quarter. He will not return according to Florida State.

In the third quarter, James sprinted to stop a receiver after another member of the secondary blew a coverage. James did not break up the attempt, but did lay a big hit on the receiver, after which it looked like his knee awkwardly extended and bent.

James walked a bit and then went to the turf, as trainers checked him out. He walked off under his own power, was evaluated in the sideline medical tent, and then was carted off, though it is perhaps worth noting that James’ leg was not stabilized in the cart.

Florida State plays Louisville next Saturday in Louisville in an important conference game featuring two of the three top teams in the Atlantic Division.