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Episode 2 of ‘A Season With’ Main Takeaways

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Another excitement packed 30-minute episode debuted tonight and it was nothing short of spectacular. From watching the players study for games to seeing coaches off the field, you truly get a sense of what Florida State football is all about.

While some storylines are developing in different directions throughout the beginning of the season, here are the main takeaways thus far:

  1. They’re not hiding much from us. Willing to show players like Derwin James and Dalvin Cook go at it with each other shows the true competitive nature of the program and why FSU is wholly ‘elite.’ They push each other to their limits because it keeps that fire of motivation burning within them consistently. This includes the coaches too, Jimbo doesn’t care if they had a great game two days ago, if they’re not performing each and every day with that type of intensity then he’s going to let them hear it.
  2. DeMarcus Walker is the heartbeat of this team. He is the one, day in and day out, leading and motivating this team. For a guy to put off the NFL draft to come back and play another year for the Seminoles says something about how much he truly loves this team and this program.
  3. Bo Paske is the man. Enough said.
  4. Deondre Francois is our QB. Now we all definitely knew that, but seeing the other side of the equation (that being Sean Maguire) made it all that clearer. While he is still recovering from foot surgery, Francois has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches while still learning along the way. Even though Sean’s days as QB1 may be over, that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing some of him throughout the season. As a player dedicated to this team, I’m sure he’ll be there alongside Francois to help in whatever way possible, whether that be on or off the field.
  5. The relationships these coaches have with their players goes beyond the field. When these players leave their homes for college to start playing ball, they are still kids, which is why a coaches role in their lives are so important. It was a really incredible thing to see the relationship Derwin James and Charles Kelly have with each other away from the playbooks. Kelly’s family treats Derwin just like a part of theirs, because to them he is practically family.
  6. While they’re not hiding much, they’re still hiding some from us. The ambiguity they went about showing Derwin’s injury was a bit disappointing in that we didn’t get the answers we were looking for. That goes to show how uncertain the coaching and medical staff are themselves of the extent of the recovery time. As a key role on the defensive side, FSU has suffered a tough loss, but as the FSU football team doctor said, “he heals fast,” so you never know. All I know is if you’re heart didn’t break watching James get carted off the field then you must not really be an FSU fan.

FSU hopes to continue their undefeated season, which means looking ahead to this week's top 10 matchup against Louisville. Tune in next Tuesday and see what ‘A Season With’ has in store for us.