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Florida State Football Film Review: Ole Miss Quarter 1

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The only place to get every Florida State play broken down each week with the help of former players and coaches.

It's the Florida State Football Film Review. Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Ole Miss? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

We apologize for the delay as several of our analysts had strange work schedules and/or dental surgery. Here is the first quarter against Ole Miss. All quarters will eventually appear in the Florida State Film Review section of the website.

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NOTE: This is intended to be viewed only on a computer (not a mobile device). We recommend bookmarking it and pulling it up when you get an hour or so.

D-D AT Formation Result Analysis
1-10 at Om35 FSU ball on FSU35.
Tyler, L. kickoff 65 yards to the OM0, touchback.
1-10 at Om25 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass incomplete to Evan Engram. OM opens in empty. Kelly has time to throw but can't find anyone open. Steps to his right and delivers a low throw to Engram. Lewis in good position in man coverage.
2-10 at Om25 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass complete to Evan Engram for 6 yards to the OM31 (James, D.;Hoskins, R.). Empty again from OM. Engram has pre snap leverage on Hoskins and Kelly hits him on a quick stick to the outside. Good close and finish by Hoskins, James and Lewis to minimize the gain.
3-4 at Om31 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass complete to A.J. Brown for 36 yards to the FSU33, 1ST DOWN OM (Thomas, M.). OM hurries to line and flips the formation. Lewis and James with no sense of urgency to get to field side to line up and make coverage call, leaving Brown wide open behind the defense on a curl route. Great hustle by Thomas to save TD.
1-10 at Fsu33 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass complete to Van Jefferson for loss of 3 yards to the FSU36, PENALTY FSU personal foul (James, D.) 15 yards to the FSU18, 1ST DOWN OM, NO PLAY. James plays with a lot of emotion and energy but he's got to be smart here and pull up.
1-10 at Fsu18 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass complete to Evan Engram for 14 yards to the FSU4, 1ST DOWN OM (Marshall, T.). This is a great call by OM. Start in trips right but motion Engram to left boundary and run play action to him. Hoskins is your force defender here and reacts to run fake, leaving Engram with a free release into the wheel route. Kelly with a great throw to drop it in before Marshall arrives and delivers a huge hit.
1-G at Fsu04 4-2-5 Akeem Judd rush for 1 yard to the FSU3 (Hoskins, R.;Nnadi, D.). Zone read lead and Kelly gives. FSU blitzes Marshall and Thomas off each edge. Nnadi is unable to hold his ground and is washed by the RG but Walker gets a good squeeze to close the hole some. Good fill by Hoskins to keep Judd out of endzone.
2-G at Fsu03 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass complete to D. Stringfellow for 3 yards to the FSU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 13:14. FSU blitzes Marshall to leave McFadden 1-on-1 in the boundary. McFadden is inside leveraging the WR but doesn't react quick enough to the inside stem off the snap. He's a split second late on his break and Stringfellow is a big WR who uses his body well to keep McFadden on his back and extend his arms to catch the ball out in front.
Gary Wunderlich kick attempt good. You'd expect FSU to be a little more prepared to get lined up vs the tempo.
Ole Miss 7, Florida State 0
Drive: 6 plays, 75 yards, TOP 01:51
Gary Wunderlich kickoff 49 yards to the FSU16, Aguayo, R. return 12 yards to the FSU28 (Carlos Davis).
1-10 at Fsu28 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 13:09.
1-10 at Fsu28 21 Cook, D. rush for 1 yard to the FSU29 (M. Hartsfield). Stretch play to the boundary. Kelly takes a bad angle and can't get to the playside LB. Doesn't matter because OM free safety flies up and meets Cook at the LOS. OM selling out vs the run on the first snap.
2-9 at Fsu29 21 Gun bunch right Francois, D. pass complete to Rudolph, T. for 8 yards to the FSU37, out-of-bounds (Carlos Davis). Play action with a tackle influence gives the playside linebacker a mis-key and leaves the flat completely vacated. FSU clearly saw this on film, put it into the gameplan and executed it well 3-4 times on the night.
3-1 at Fsu37 21 Cook, D. rush for 6 yards to the FSU43, 1ST DOWN FSU (Zedrick Woods). Tackle-over formation with Big Rod at TE to the right and Izzo at LT. ISO into the C gap bubble. Nice out block by Johnson and Leonard gets just enough of DJ Jones to allow Stevenson to Iso the LB and give Cook room to pick up the first down.
1-10 at Fsu43 11 Francois, D. pass incomplete to Whitfield, K.. PA off stretch and Francois has a ton of time. FSU runs a switch concept at the top with the inside WR running a deep out and the outside WR running a post. Fisher said Francois probably should have thrown the deep out but he decides to go for Whitfield on the post. The cornerback is on top of Whitfield so Francois needs to lead him wider and out in front.
2-10 at Fsu43 11 Gun Cook, D. rush for loss of 3 yards to the FSU40 (Issac Gross). Obvious bust from FSU. If Cook is aligned on the left of Francois then this is the Power/Bubble concept we've seen from FSU in the past. Cook however is on the right so Francois turns his back to the bubble on the handoff and Cook tries to hit it in the backside B gap while the OL blocks power right. Francois has got to get this checked.
3-13 at Fsu40 10 Gun Francois, D. sacked for loss of 1 yard to the FSU39 (DeMarquis Gates). OM has 7 guys at the LOS and brings pressure with 5. FSU matches a hat on a hat here in protection but it needs to happen quicker. There's too much penetration and Francois wisely tucks the ball as the pocket collapses.
4-14 at Fsu39 Tyler, L. punt 43 yards to the OM18, out-of-bounds. FSU needed to stay ahead of chains and on schedule and this was not a good start.
Drive: 6 plays, 11 yards, TOP 03:12
1-10 at Om18 OLE MISS drive start at 09:57.
1-10 at Om18 4-2-5 Akeem Judd rush for 13 yards to the OM31, 1ST DOWN OM (Hoskins, R.). Inside Zone by Ole Miss, Judd cuts it back. McFadden is the edge defender on the nub of the formation and is slow to read the downblock by the EOL. He hesitates to close and then reacts to a juke by Judd instead of using his leverage and fitting on the outside hip of the ball carrier.
1-10 at Om31 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass incomplete to Evan Engram. Same formation but OM tries to work a quick curl to the nub with FSU in cover 2. Engram drops the pass but Thomas was also in good position in coverage.
2-10 at Om31 4-2-5 Chad Kelly rush for 11 yards to the OM42, 1ST DOWN OM (Lewis, M.). 3x1 from OM as FSU takes away the quick pass to trips. Kelly leaves the pocket and pushes toward the LOS. Hoskins is bad in space here; biting on Kelly's pump fake before losing his footing and allowing Kelly to get outside of him to run for the first down.
1-10 at Om42 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass intercepted by James, D. at the FSU39, James, D. return 0 yards to the FSU39 (Q. Adeboyejo). FSU is playing a 2-read coverage here. Safety and corner read #2 WR and react off him. #2 is out right away so White takes #2 and James has all of #1 man-to-man. Great job by James to defend the corner route despite his inside leverage. Excellent acceleration out of his break and high point of the football.
Drive: 4 plays, 24 yards, TOP 00:35
1-10 at Fsu39 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 09:22.
1-10 at Fsu39 11 Gun Francois, D. pass complete to Whitfield, K. for no gain to the FSU39 (Tony Bridges). Jet sweep to the boundary. This is poorly timed by Francois as the snap gets there too early. Poor steps by Izzo as he is not able to reach the playside linebacker. Regardless, if this is timed up better, FSU has it blocked well enough to be a decent gain and keep them on schedule.
2-10 at Fsu39 11 Gun Francois, D. pass incomplete to James, D. (9), PENALTY FSU holding 10 yards to the FSU29, NO PLAY. Eberle tries to cut bock, misses, and grabs the DT's foot for a half second. Questionable call.
2-20 at Fsu29 10 Gun Francois, D. pass complete to Cook, D. for 9 yards to the FSU38, out-of-bounds (Carlos Davis). Swing pass to the field to Cook. Nice cut block in space by Harrison on the flat defender. Leonard is beat by the DE to his inside but luckily it's a quick pass call from Fisher.
3-11 at Fsu38 11 Gun Francois, D. pass incomplete to Izzo, R. (DeMarquis Gates). OM walks 7 up the the LOS but brings a stunt with 4. Kelly is late to recognize the twist and allows pressure in the face of Francois. Fisher said OM had this well covered and Izzo was the 3rd option. High risk, low reward throw from Francois vs the tight coverage.
4-11 at Fsu38 Tyler, L. punt 47 yards to the OM15, Carlos Davis return 7 yards to the OM22 (Stevenson, F.;James, D.). No gain on first down and a questionable holding call put FSU in a tough situation on 3rd and long.
Drive: 3 plays, minus 1 yards, TOP 01:26
1-10 at Om22 OLE MISS drive start at 07:56.
1-10 at Om22 4-2-5 Akeem Judd rush for no gain to the OM22 (Pugh, J.). FSU shows blitz with James and Lewis to the field but only sends James. OM runs Power to the boundary but the guard trips over himself while trying to skip-pull. Because of this Pugh is unblocked and able to make the tackle.
2-10 at Om22 4-2-5 Akeem Judd rush for 3 yards to the OM25 (Nnadi, D.;Christmas, D.). Zone Read with an arc block from Engram to lead if Kelly pulls. Nnadi aligns head up the center but stems away from the zone at the snap. Still, he gets great punch and separation on the guard, finds the ball and is able to shed and make the tackle on the RB. Christmas is playing the 3 tech and gives a little too much ground but is still able to use his strength to shed and get in on the tackle. Ole Miss had good numbers here but FSU's guys win 1 on 1.
3-7 at Om25 4-1-6 Chad Kelly rush for 2 yards to the OM27 (Pugh, J.). Dime package with Walker and Nnadi at DT and Pugh and Sweat on the edge. FSU blitzes Derwin and drops Pugh into coverage. Walker whips the RG and flushes Kelly out of the pocket immediately. There are no options downfield and Pugh does a great job in the open field of bringing Kelly down.
4-5 at Om27 Gary Wunderlich punt 42 yards to the FSU31, fair catch by Wilson, J., PENALTY FSU personal foul 14 yards to the FSU17, 1st and 10, FSU ball on FSU17.
Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 01:24
1-10 at Fsu17 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 06:32.
1-10 at Fsu17 12 Cook, D. rush for 4 yards to the FSU21, out-of-bounds (Zedrick Woods). Francois checks this to what looks like a B gap dive. The 1 tech on OM gets penetration because Kelly is unable to get a piece of him on his way up the backer, causing Cook to bounce the run outside. Saunders gets a good block on the corner to allow Cook to pick up 4.
2-6 at Fsu21 11 Gun Francois, D. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 19 yards to the FSU40, 1ST DOWN FSU (Zedrick Woods;Terry Caldwell). 3 step drop and Francois delivers the ball accurate and on time to Wilson on a hitch vs off coverage. Terrible angle by the backup OM corner allows Wilson to pick up an extra 12 yards. OM sends 5 guys on a blitz with the DE looping inside. Bell can't get to him and Francois takes a big hit.
1-10 at Fsu40 11 Gun Trips Closed Francois, D. pass complete to Cook, D. for 10 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN FSU, out-of-bounds (Terry Caldwell). FSU works the nub as Francois hits Cook in the flat. Excellent ball placement by Francois allows Cook to turn up field after the catch. Cook makes the backup Ole Miss corner miss before picking up first down.
1-10 at Fsu50 11 Francois, D. sacked for loss of 1 yard to the FSU49 (Benito Jones), PENALTY FSU holding (Leonard, R.) 10 yards to the FSU40, NO PLAY. Play action off stretch and Francois has all the time in the world. He has Rudolph open on the post but doesn't pull the trigger. This is a terrible holding call on Leonard, not even close.
1-20 at Fsu40 11 Gun Cook, D. rush for 2 yards to the FSU42 (D.J. Jones). Counter Trey. FSU has the look it wants but Kelly misses badly on his downblock, allowing the nose (DJ Jones) to crosses his face and disrupt the play.
2-18 at Fsu42 PENALTY FSU false start (Izzo, R.) 5 yards to the FSU37. Pre-Snap movement from OM baits Izzo into moving early.
2-23 at Fsu37 11 Gun Francois, D. pass complete to Cook, D. for 24 yards to the OM39, 1ST DOWN FSU (Terry Caldwell). Jet action to the boundary and FSU sneaks Cook out into a wheel route. Francois shows great awareness here to slide left in the pocket and buy time for Cook to get behind the linebacker. Excellent touch throw to fit it between two defenders
1-10 at Om39 PENALTY FSU false start 5 yards to the OM44. FSU can't get out of its own way.
1-15 at Om44 11 Gun Francois, D. pass complete to Patrick, J. for 13 yards to the OM31 (Rommel Mageo;Tony Bridges). Kelly blows the protection here and causes Francois to take another big hit. Impressive play from Francois as he is still able to work to his third progression and get the ball to Patrick. Patrick bursts upfield and lowers his pads through two Ole Miss defenders.
2-2 at Om31 11 Patrick, J. rush for 4 yards to the OM27, 1ST DOWN FSU (Rommel Mageo). Inside Zone. Good read by Patrick to cut it back. FSU does not have the playside backer accounted for with its blocking scheme here and he is able to scrape and make the play.
1-10 at Om27 21 Cook, D. rush for 2 yards to the OM25 (Rommel Mageo). Tackle over formation again with a B gap ISO. Bell gets a good dowblock and chip to the backer and Leonard & Johnson are able to widen the DE to create a nice hole. Problem is Francois trips as he gets the ball from center and it disrupts the timing of the handoff and Cook's angle through the mesh.
2-8 at Om25 Timeout Florida State, clock 01:22. Derrick Kelly is having a rough first quarter.
2-8 at Om25 21 Gun bunch left Francois, D. pass complete to Rudolph, T. for 8 yards to the OM17, 1ST DOWN FSU, out-of-bounds (Tony Conner), PENALTY OM personal foul (Tony Conner) 9 yards to the OM8, 1ST DOWN FSU. Same play we saw the first drive of the game, play action with the tackle influence. Rudolph is wide open and Francois is about a full second late with the throw, allowing the defender time to recover. If this is thrown on time this is probably a touchdown.
1-G at Om08 1st and 8.
1-G at Om08 21 Cook, D. rush for no gain to the OM8 (Terry Caldwell). Tackle over formation again but this time FSU runs Power. Ole Miss has walked their safety up and has FSU outnumbered to the playside. They are selling out vs the run and are in the backfield before the pulling guard crosses the formation.
2-G at Om08 22 Francois, D. pass incomplete to Rudolph, T.. 7 step drop from under center. Francois tries to hit Rudolph on a speed out on the goaline vs a catch man coverage. Not ideal. Fisher said Francois should have realized this play was shot and called a timeout.
3-G at Om08 Empty Francois, D. pass incomplete to Tate, A. (Montrell Custis). Interesting coverage from OM as they use 7 guys in man coverage with two double teams. FSU sends all 5 WR's on vertical routes and Francois forces the ball to Tate who is one of the WRs being double teamed.
4-G at Om08 Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 25 GOOD, clock 00:01.
Ole Miss 7, Florida State 3
Drive: 13 plays, 75 yards, TOP 06:31
Tyler, L. kickoff 65 yards to the OM0, touchback.
1-10 at Om25 OLE MISS drive start at 00:01.
1-10 at Om25 PENALTY OM delay of game 5 yards to the OM20.
1-15 at Om20 4-2-5 Eric Swinney rush for 6 yards to the OM26, out-of-bounds (Marshall, T.;Hoskins, R.). 2 back Power Read to the boundary from Ole Miss. Sweat is the read and he squeezes the downblock so Kelly gives the ball to the RB on the sweep. McFadden is the force defender here in Cover 2 and he is hesitant and slow reading run. He's got to be more aggressive here and be able to defeat the block of the WR. Good hustle from Hoskins from the backside to run this down and minimize the gain.
Drive: 1 plays, 1 yards, TOP 02:19
Ole Miss 7, Florida State 3