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Florida State Football Film Review: Ole Miss Quarter 3

The only place to get every Florida State play broken down each week with the help of former players and coaches.

It's the Florida State Football Film Review. Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Ole Miss? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

We apologize for the delay as several of our analysts had strange work schedules and/or dental surgery. Here is the first quarter against Ole Miss. All quarters will eventually appear in the Florida State Film Review section of the website.

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NOTE: This is intended to be viewed only on a computer (not a mobile device). We recommend bookmarking it and pulling it up when you get an hour or so.

D-D Spot Form Play Formation
1-10 at Fsu25 Francois, D. pass complete to Whitfield, K. for 24 yards to the FSU49, 1ST DOWN FSU (M. Hartsfield). Camera missed this
1-10 at Fsu49 11 gun Cook, D. rush for 2 yards to the OM49 (Marquis Haynes). Counter, Leonard needs to get inside and up to the backer. DE squeezes Leonard and Izzo does not pick him up on the lead. Very well blocked by other four blockers.
2-8 at Om49 11 gun Francois, D. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 20 yards to the OM29, 1ST DOWN FSU (Carlos Davis). Ole Miss in 2-man, Francois identifies leverag quickly, pass pro is good, backer carries with Leonard to the corner, Whitfield easy pickings on the under route.
1-10 at Om29 11 gun Francois, D. pass complete to Cook, D. for 6 yards to the OM23 (Terry Caldwell). More quick game, Francois identifies man coverage and goes to his man beater side, it's Dallas/Houston with the boundary WR dragging the corner underneath, backer must run around to cover the easy flare route to Cook. Cook is running tentative here, not making an aggressive move or embracing contact. 2015 Cook probably gets 8-10 out of this.
2-4 at Om23 11 gun Cook, D. rush for no gain to the OM23 (Issac Gross). Same counter play as earlier in series, Rick Leonard slow and poor angle in his down block, Cook needs to press this front side more, though. Good job by Ole Miss to time blitz well and create tougher angles.
3-4 at Om23 11 gun Francois, D. pass incomplete to Rudolph, T. (Kailo Moore). Simply the wrong decision by Francois. Situation awareness dictates taking the throw that has the greatest chance of getting the first down. The throw to Rudolph is high degree of difficulty and dangerous, the out to Whitfield is open and a very likely first down. Freshman.
4-4 at Om23 Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 40 GOOD, clock 12:18. 7.4 yards/play is nice, some errors by QB, OL and backs on this drive created a field goal rather than a TD shot.
Ole Miss 28, Florida State 16
Drive: 7 plays, 52 yards, TOP 02:42
Tyler, L. kickoff 65 yards to the OM0, touchback.
1-10 at Om25 OLE MISS drive start at 12:18.
1-10 at Om25 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass incomplete to Evan Engram (Marshall, T.). Straight drop from Kelly, FSU sits in cover 3 and Trey Marshall breaks on the seam route in enough time to break it up. Nobody wide open. Josh Sweat gets a small hit on Kelly.
2-10 at Om25 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass intercepted by Lewis, M. at the OM32, Lewis, M. return 0 yards to the OM32. Ole Miss tries to go quick here and run a quick pivot to Engram. Hoskins closes fairly well and Kelly is a bit outside here though Engram should probably catch this. FSU gets lucky that this ball falls to Lewis, but turnovers are largely luck.
Drive: 2 plays, 0 yards, TOP 00:09
1-10 at Om32 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 12:09.
1-10 at Om32 22 Francois, D. pass incomplete to Izzo, R., QB hurry by D.J. Jones. Motions Cook outside, Ole Miss switches to zone coverage. Smart play design, but Kelly/Eberle don't handle twist, Francois tries to escape pressure but it impacts throw.
2-10 at Om32 11 gun Francois, D. rush for 31 yards to the OM1, 1ST DOWN FSU (DeMarquis Gates;Carlos Davis). Jimbo calls a reverse but Ole Miss calls a perfect defense for it, a blitz from the side where the reverse will eventually go. Francois sees this and just keeps it, running where the reverse was intended, blocking is set up. Heady, instinctive play. Great blocking by Travis Rudolph.
1-G at Om01 32 Stevenson, F. rush for 1 yard to the OM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:28. Fred Jones is in as an extra lead blocker, FSU runs belly and gets sufficient surge. TD.
Previous play is under review. Call was a touchdown on the field.
Call on the field is confirmed. Touchdown FSU.
Aguayo, R. kick attempt good.
Ole Miss 28, Florida State 23 This TD drive was nowhere near as clean as the field goal drive previously. Ole Miss' defense had good playcalling and it did not work out.
Drive: 3 plays, 32 yards, TOP 00:46
Tyler, L. kickoff 65 yards to the OM0, Carlos Davis return 15 yards to the OM15. Great physicality by gunners, nice kick by Tyler, bad decision to run this out.
1-10 at Om15 OLE MISS drive start at 11:23.
1-10 at Om15 4-2-5 Akeem Judd rush for 1 yard to the OM16 (Lewis, M.). FSU holds its ground and Ole Miss' offensive line does not double and climb well at all. 2-3 unblocked defenders, back has no chance. Lewis squeezes well.
2-9 at Om16 4-2-5 Chad Kelly sacked for loss of 7 yards to the OM9 (Walker, D.), fumble by Chad Kelly recovered by FSU Nnadi, D. at OM11. FSU's defensive line cares not for the run fake, plays pass all the way. The sack of Kelly is great, the fumble is dumb luck (Kelly should just take the sack) and Nnadi with a strong effort to recover. This is really bad by Kelly. I think the reason Kelly fights so hard is because he thought he had another big seam route hitter (FSU actually has it covered and it could have been a pick if thrown).
Drive: 2 plays, minus 4 yards, TOP 00:36
1-10 at Om11 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 10:47.
1-10 at Om11 21 twins Cook, D. rush for 6 yards to the OM5 (DeMarquis Gates;Zedrick Woods). Strongly blocked power play by the offensive line and Stevenson, Rudolph's blown block makes this not be a TD.
2-4 at Om05 21 Cook, D. rush for 2 yards to the OM3 (Terry Caldwell;Zedrick Woods). This is just a strong play by the linebacker on a zone run. Not poorly blocked, linebacker just dives at Cook to get him as he's trying to make a move on the unblocked.
3-2 at Om03 21 Whitfield, K. rush for 3 yards to the OM0, 1ST DOWN FSU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:17. With Ole Miss keying on Cook, FSU gets the ball to its fastest player. Rod Johnson hooks his defensive end, Stevenson gets enough of the corner to slow him down and nobody inside has a chance to catch whitfield. Good play design.
10 gun Francois, D. pass attempt failed. Just bad luck here. FSU is trying to his Travis Rudolph on an under route but because Ole Miss ran a twice, Cook gets caught up in traffic, thus the man covering Cook sinks and Francois can't throw it to Ruolph. Announcers said Tate ran the wrong route but I'm not sure of that. Pass protection fine.
Florida State 29, Ole Miss 28
Drive: 3 plays, 11 yards, TOP 01:30
Tyler, L. kickoff 65 yards to the OM0, touchback.
1-10 at Om25 OLE MISS drive start at 09:17.
1-10 at Om25 4-2-5 Eugene Brazley rush for 3 yards to the OM28 (James, D.). Power play with two pullers for Ole Miss, FSU's defensive backs beat blocks, backers flow, stopped for short loss.
2-7 at Om28 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass incomplete to D. Stringfellow. RPO with what looks like a predetermined read from Kelly. FSU forces throw, Ole Miss WR is covered well but drops the ball. Stringfellow ain't Treadwell. When thrown right this is one of the toughest plays to stop, but it's also tough to execute.
3-7 at Om28 4-2-6 Chad Kelly pass incomplete to Van Jefferson. FSU runs a nice looping stunt with Pugh, Sweat and Nnadi, who occupies three blockers (seriously) to spring Pugh free and rush the throw.
4-7 at Om28 Will Gleeson punt 44 yards to the FSU28, Wilson, J. return 0 yards to the FSU28, fumble by Wilson, J. recovered by FSU TEAM at FSU23. Incredibly lucky here to recover this fumble. Bad decision to field by Wilson. Let it go or catch it in the air.
Drive: 3 plays, 3 yards, TOP 00:41
1-10 at Fsu23 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 08:36, FSU ball on FSU23.
1-10 at Fsu23 PENALTY FSU false start (Izzo, R.) 5 yards to the FSU18. Did you know more false starts were committed by receivers and tight ends than FSU's offensive line?
1-15 at Fsu18 11 gun Francois, D. pass complete to Izzo, R. for 10 yards to the FSU28 (Terry Caldwell;Zedrick Woods). Bootleg, Ole Miss plays pass all the way, nobody to cover Izzo as OM blitzes, accurate throw from Francois.
2-5 at Fsu28 11 Sweat, J. rush for loss of 5 yards to the FSU23 (Benito Jones). Derrick Kelly just gets beat here, I don't think he was supposed to have double help on this OZ.
3-10 at Fsu23 11 gun Francois, D. rush for 31 yards to the OM46, 1ST DOWN FSU (Marquis Haynes). Ole Miss plays 2-man, blocking is OK but rule against 2-man is read two and then take off (nobody to account for QB). Quick decision to run here works out.
1-10 at Om46 11 gun Francois, D. pass complete to Phillips, D. for 8 yards to the OM38 (Zedrick Woods). Francois sees zone, tight end clears out and Phillips rund under the curl. Easy pickings.
2-2 at Om38 21 Stevenson, F. rush for 7 yards to the OM31, 1ST DOWN FSU (Breeland Speaks;Terry Caldwell). Motion cook to WR, belly play, great blocking angles for the line and this is easy.
1-10 at Om31 21 Francois, D. pass complete to Izzo, R. for 29 yards to the OM2, 1ST DOWN FSU (DeMarquis Gates). Jimbo Fisher has Ole Miss so out of sorts that this bootleg actually produces two wide open throwback options. Izzo is the right choice and Francois sets feet to make a big throw.
1-G at Om02 22 Patrick, J. rush for no gain to the OM2 (D.J. Jones;Benito Jones). Just a very strong play by Jones to make an elite move around a blocker on the power play.
2-G at Om02 22 gun Francois, D. pass complete to Izzo, R. for 2 yards to the OM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:12. Play action holds backer, corner takes Cook in the flat, Stevenson great blitz pickup, easy throw and catch to Izzo.
Aguayo, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 36, Ole Miss 28
Drive: 8 plays, 77 yards, TOP 04:24
Tyler, L. kickoff 60 yards to the OM5, Carlos Davis return 19 yards to the OM24 (Meyers, K.;Tyler, L.), PENALTY FSU offside (Thomas, M.) 5 yards to the OM29, 1st and 10, OM ball on OM29.
1-10 at Om29 OLE MISS drive start at 04:12.
1-10 at Om29 4-2-5 Chad Kelly rush for 1 yard to the OM30 (James, D.). Derwin James tackles Chad Kelly as he beats his blocker. James is the best safety in the country.
2-9 at Om30 4-2-5 Chad Kelly pass incomplete to Akeem Judd (Christmas, D.). FSU blitzes and forces a quick throw, but is lucky Christmas bats the ball down because this is not well covered bt Thomas/Lewis, who both take the slant and neither take the flare. Good awareness by Christmas to realize blitz means ball is coming out hot and to get hands up.
3-9 at Om30 4-1-6 Chad Kelly sacked for loss of 7 yards to the OM23 (Walker, D.). Three of four Florida State defensive linemen beat their blockers on this play. High chance a sack occurs when that happens. Nice inside/out stunt.
4-16 at Om23 Gary Wunderlich punt 51 yards to the FSU26, fair catch by Wilson, J..
Drive: 3 plays, minus 6 yards, TOP 01:18
1-10 at Fsu26 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 02:54.
1-10 at Fsu26 11 gun Francois, D. pass incomplete to Murray, N. (A.J. Moore). Tremendous play action, perfect protection. but Francois slightly underthrows this ball even though it is 50 yards in the air, allowing the QB to make a play on it.
2-10 at Fsu26 11 gun Francois, D. sacked for loss of 5 yards to the FSU21 (Marquis Haynes), PENALTY FSU holding declined. Haynes just puts a great speed and bend rush on Johnson, who doesn't move his feet well enough, though Francois should step up a bit more here.
3-15 at Fsu21 11 gun Cook, D. rush for 18 yards to the FSU39, 1ST DOWN FSU (D. Anderson). FSU is totally content with running the ball and punting, but pops a counter against a man blitz. Strong blocks by Leonard and Izzo, Cook looks to be avoiding contact to his right shoulder here, turning awkwardly but does show good speed.
1-10 at Fsu39 11 Cook, D. rush for 2 yards to the FSU41 (D.J. Jones;DeMarquis Gates). OZ, Johnson is a bit slow off ball here and creates tough angle for Cook. Better block could pop this.
2-8 at Fsu41 11 gun Francois, D. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 7 yards to the FSU48, out-of-bounds (Carlos Davis). Ole Miss brings blitz, FSU picks it up well, comeback well run by Wilson and thrown on time.
3-1 at Fsu48 11 gun Francois, D. rush for 3 yards to the OM49, 1ST DOWN FSU (Benito Jones;Fadol Brown). Jimbo Fisher has done this for a decade if not more. 4x1 from gun if defense doesn't adjust it's QB sweep and defense is outnumbered.
1-10 at Om49 11 gun Francois, D. pass incomplete to Wilson, J. (Jaylon Jones). This is either a poor route or a bad decision by Francois, he had good pass blocking and might have worked other side. Can't tell due to TV angle so don't want to say for sure.
2-10 at Om49 11 gun Francois, D. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 12 yards to the OM37, 1ST DOWN FSU (Jaylon Jones). Play action, Ole Miss doesn't bite hard, Francois good mobility to get outside and find Wilson.
Drive: 8 plays, 37 yards, TOP 04:58