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Florida State's ranking in the college football polls: AP, USA Today Coaches

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FSU tumbles in the polls following a blowout loss at Louisville.

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2:15 PM UPDATE: FSU fell eleven spots to No. 13 in the AP Poll. Louisville jumped seven spots to 3rd, while Clemson remained 5th. Miami (FL) catapulted ten spots to 15th after their convincing win in Boone, NC, while UF moved up four spots to 19th.

1:10 PM UPDATE: FSU has fallen twelve spots to No. 14 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Clemson moved up to 3rd, while Louisville jumped to 4th. The Noles remain two spots of ahead of UF, and five spots ahead of Miami (FL).

After giving up the most points in program history, losing 63-20 to Louisville on Saturday, the ‘Noles will surely tumble down the polls, but how far?

Coming into Saturday’s game, FSU was ranked No. 2 in the AP polls with Louisville No. 10. In between the ‘Noles and the No. 10 spot, no teams lost. To find the highest ranked losing team besides FSU in the AP poll, you’d have to go to No. 11 Texas who fell to Cal. Due to the fact that no one else will fall in the higher end of the polls except FSU, look for the ‘Noles to end up anywhere from No. 10 to No. 15 when the newest rankings are released.

In the USA Today Coaches polls, No. 2 Florida State fell to the No. 10 Louisville Cardinals. Similar to the AP Polls, there were no other top-10 teams in the coaches poll to lose, with Iowa at No. 11 being the second highest victim. No. 12 Wisconsin, No. 13 Georgia and No. 15 Tennessee all struggled in their victories and No. 14 Oklahoma lost its game. Florida State should end up a few spots ahead of where they are in the AP, around No. 11 to No. 13.

The AP Poll should be released around 2 PM EST, about an hour after the USA Today Coaches Poll.

Where do you think Florida State will be ranked in the polls?