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FSU center Alec Eberle: Loss to Louisville can serve as fuel

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Some feedback from the middle of the ‘Nole OL.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Florida State
Alec Eberle
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When fans think of an offense moving efficiently downfield, they tend to correlate the success of that endeavor with the proficiency of its quarterback, the agility of its running backs, or the elusiveness of its receivers. But those skill-position players will always struggle to do their respective jobs if the offensive line isn’t taking care of business up front.

As a center, Florida State’s Alec Eberle knows that very well, and he was far from pleased with the results procured by the ‘Nole OL during Saturday’s 63-20 loss to Louisville. The redshirt sophomore spoke with members of the media after the beatdown FSU sustained against the Cardinals, and while the Virginia native was visually upset by what transpired on the field, he nevertheless discussed how the Seminoles can use the harsh reality of the loss to UL as motivation for the rest of the season. His postgame interview is included below.