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Florida State opens as favorite of less than touchdown at USF

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Not much confidence in FSU from Vegas.

Florida State, fresh off a truly pathetic performance in Louisville which saw FSU lose by 43 points to the Cardinals now takes a trip to Tampa to face USF. The early betting lines are out and as of 3:45 the Seminoles are favored by just five points, which translates to less than a 75 percent chance of victory.

If the Seminoles do not win Saturday the program can kiss any hope of rebounding and making the playoff goodbye. USF has played extremely well this year and is fresh off a dominant performance at Syracuse. The Bulls feature a mobile quarterback and an excellent coaching staff.

Elsewhere, rival Florida is a 10-point underdog at Tennessee. North Carolina is favored by a touchdown hosting Pitt, Clemson is favored by 11 at Georgia Tech and Syracuse is an underdog of a touchdown at UConn. Wake Forest is an underdog of five points at Indiana.

Keep in mind that early betting lines are quite volatile and often do not resemble the final lines. They move quickly based on very little money being wagered.