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Florida State football film review: Louisville 1st quarter

What went right for FSU against Louisville? Not much.

It's the Florida State Football Film Review. Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Louisville? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Here is the first quarter against Louisville. All quarters will eventually appear in the Florida State Film Review section of the website.

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NOTE: This is intended to be viewed only on a computer (not a mobile device). We recommend bookmarking it and pulling it up when you get an hour or so.

D-D At Form Play Analysis
Logan Tyler kickoff 65 yards to the LOU0, touchback.
1-10 at Lou25 4-2-5 Radcliff, B. rush left for 30 yards to the FS45, 1ST DOWN LOU (Trey Marshall). UL starts in a balanced pistol flexbone formation, motions the left wing to the boundary and runs veer where they read Walker. Jackson gives the ball and Radcliff cuts it back to the field. FSU has a run blitz called, slanting the backside 3 and 5 tech into A and B gap and Lewis off the edge. Lewis gets too far up field, creating a lane. Westbrook gets a good run read from FS but whiffs on the tackle at the LOS.
1-10 at Fs45 4-2-5 Jackson, L. sideline pass complete to Quick, J. for 4 yards to the FS41 (Matthew Thomas). Empty from UL. FSU in Cover 1 robber with Thomas lined up inside the slot receiver to the boundary. Jackson hits Quick on an out route and Thomas closes well on the ball to minimize the gain.
2-6 at Fs41 4-2-5 Samuel, T. rush right for 8 yards to the FS33, 1ST DOWN LOU (Marquez White). UL lines up in Trips closed to the boundary, motions the #3 receiver into the backfield and runs Power Read to the nub. Good design by UL as they loop the TE around Walker to block Thomas, who is responsible for the RB on the sweep. Walker squeezes the downblock from the tackle and forces Jackson to give the ball to the RB. Error from Thomas here as he tries to dip inside the block instead of running through the outside pad and forcing it back inside. White is the nub corner here and is also slow to diagnose the run, he should read the TE block and meet the ball carrier near the LOS.
1-10 at Fs33 4-2-5 Jackson, L. deep pass incomplete to Smith, Ja.. Trips closed to the field, FSU in man with 2 underneath zone defenders and they blitz a corner off the nub. UL runs a switch concept with the #2 and #3 receivers against Lewis and Westbrook. They need to communiate here and switch this off but instead, both take the post and leave the corner route wide open. FSU catches a break here as Jackson overthrows the receiver.
2-10 at Fs33 4-2-5 Jackson, L. slant pass complete to Smith, Ja. for 31 yards to the FS2, 1ST DOWN LOU (A.J. Westbrook). UL motions to trips closed and runs play action with the #2 receiver coming across the field on an intermediate crosser. FSU appears to be in man but Lewis should have help on the crosser from Marshall. PA sucks up Thomas and Marshall and then they both jump the flat route. Marshall needs to sink to depth and "find work." Good example here of FSU worried about the run game and Petrino taking advantage.
1-G at Fs02 Jackson, L. rush up middle for 2 yards to the FS0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 12:54. Pistol flexbone formation and UL runs split zone read away from the TE. Jackson makes the wrong read and keeps the ball and FSU is in great position. Pugh slightly overruns Jackson but does his job to turn it back inside where Thomas and Marshall are unblocked to the ball. Unfortunately, they both take terrible angles in pursuit and Jackson makes them both miss with one cutback move. Bad discipline and team defense here by two of FSU most important players.
O'Hara, E. kick attempt good.
Louisville 7, Florida State 0
Drive: 6 plays, 75 yards, TOP 02:06
George, A. kickoff 60 yards to the FS5, Kermit Whitfield return 25 yards to the FS30 (Thomas, S.).
1-10 at Fs30 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 12:54.
1-10 at Fs30 11 Gun Deondre Francois rush up middle for 3 yards to the FS33 (Thomas, S.). FSU motions to a stack to the field and runs a snag concept. UL was prepared for this as they walk a safety into the box with the motion and match the routes. Excellent pass pro here but with no one open, Francois wisely takes off and picks up a few yards to keep FSU on schedule.
2-7 at Fs33 12 Deondre Francois crossing pass complete to Ryan Izzo for 14 yards to the FS47, 1ST DOWN FS (Kelsey, K.). 9 in the box for UL as FSU runs PA naked boot off stretch zone weak. Great job by Francois to get his head around, see the pressure and quickly set his feet to get the ball to Izzo.
1-10 at Fs47 11 Tight Bunch Left Deondre Francois sacked for loss of 9 yards to the FS38 (Hearns, J.). PA drop back off of stretch. Fisher said at half that they had this guy accounted for in protection but it does not appear so on film. UL slants the DL away from the fake, forcing Izzo to pick up the 3 tech and allowing Hearns free to the QB. You'd like to see Francois anticipate the dig route that opens up right before he's sacked but he has not shown that ability yet. Needs to see it before he throws it often times.
2-19 at Fs38 11 Pistol Dalvin Cook rush right for no gain to the FS38 (Thomas, S.). FSU runs stretch to the boundary where they try to pin the DE and pull the Center and PS Guard around to the outside. FSU has numbers here but Izzo is beat by the DE and as a result, Eberle is knocked up his path on the pull. Cook struggles with the turf as he slips trying to cut.
3-19 at Fs38 11 Empty Deondre Francois crossing pass incomplete to Dalvin Cook. FSU splits Cook wide and runs a tunnel screen to the field vs Cover 1. Rudolph and Whitfield both block the #2 defender from the sideline and leave #3 unblocked to the screen. Poor throw from Francois and a miscommunication from 2 veteran receivers.
4-19 at Fs38 Logan Tyler punt 39 yards to the LOU23, out-of-bounds, PENALTY LOU holding (Atkins, L.) 10 yards to the LOU13, 1st and 10, LOU ball on LOU13.
Drive: 5 plays, 8 yards, TOP 02:43 9 yard loss on first down is hard to overcome.
1-10 at Lou13 LOUISVILLE drive start at 10:11.
1-10 at Lou13 4-2-5 Radcliff, B. rush up middle for 4 yards to the LOU17 (Derrick Nnadi;Matthew Thomas). UL lines up in pistol trips to the field with the #3 receiver covered up so they can use an H back to ISO into the B gap at Hoskins. UL has this blocked up well but Radcliff cuts back across the formation into Thomas instead of hitting the hole and following his lead blocker.
2-6 at Lou17 4-1-6 Jackson, L. deep pass incomplete to Samuel, T.. Empty from UL. FSU in Cover 1 with Thomas as a spy and Marshall jumping the crossing route over the middle. Lewis is lined up with outside leverage in off man vs the #2 receiver. Very difficult to defend a post pattern here with no safety help. UL is smart to test it but the receiver is unable to make the play when the ball is slightly overthrown.
3-6 at Lou17 4-1-6 Jackson, L. crossing pass incomplete to Bonnafon, R.. FSU trying to confuse UL protection here by standing guys up and moving them around prensap but they end up timing the blitz poorly and Nnadi trips over Pugh's foot at the snap. UL again tests Lewis in off man coverage on a dig. Lewis gains too much depth in his pedal, opens his hips early and allows the receiver to break inside right at the sticks. 3rd and 6 with a blitz call you should tighten down on your coverage and play more aggressive. FSU catches a break on 3rd down as Jackson misses the throw.
4-6 at Lou17 King, M. punt 35 yards to the FS48, Jesus Wilson return 0 yards to the FS48 (Atkins, L.).
Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 00:49 FSU forces a 3 n out but this had more to do with UL not executing than it did FSU stopping them.
1-10 at Fs48 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 09:22.
1-10 at Fs48 11 Dalvin Cook rush left for 14 yards to the LOU38, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Kelsey, K.). Counter action from Francois with a toss weak to Cook. UL DE has contain here and this is a good, simple design by Fisher knowing Cook can easily outrun the DE to the edge. Excellent blocking by Tate and Rudolph downfield as well.
1-10 at Lou38 21 Dalvin Cook rush up middle for 3 yards to the LOU35 (Harvey-Clemons). Inside Zone lead weak. Eberle can't quite get the 1 tech reached and gets away with a hold. Stevenson does not see the lane in time to lead through and runs into Are. Cook still manages to get through to the second level and is tackled by the safety who is unaccounted for. Nice play by Dickerson on the backside to work to the backer and wash him with the flow.
2-7 at Lou35 12 Dalvin Cook rush left for 3 yards to the LOU32 (Harvey-Clemons). FSU motions to tight bunch to the boundary and tosses to Cook with Johnson pulling to lead. By alignment, this is a tough ask of Are to reach the 5 tech covering Johnson as the DE is flowing hard to the toss. Izzo misses his crack on the backer and Rudolph is blown up by the safety. He needed to cut block here because he did not stand a chance as Clemons is a much more physical player.
3-4 at Lou32 11 Gun Deondre Francois pass incomplete to Jesus Wilson, QB hurry by Fields, D.. FSU motions Cook to the boundary side and works a curl flat concept with he and Wilson. UL was prepared for this and matches the routes perfectly. A late shift and double A gap blitz from UL confuses Dickerson as he allows a free runner through his A gap and forces Francois to get rid of the ball quicker than he would of liked.
4-4 at Lou32 Ricky Aguayo field goal attempt from 49 MISSED - wide left, spot at LOU32, clock 07:24.
Drive: 5 plays, 20 yards, TOP 01:58
1-10 at Lou32 LOUISVILLE drive start at 07:24.
1-10 at Lou32 4-1-6 Jackson, L. rush OL for 5 yards to the LOU37 (DeMarcus Walker;Nate Andrews). Pistol offset weak and UL runs load option to the field where they pull a guard, down the tackle on the Thomas, load the H back on the Westbrook, and option off of Lewis. Excellent design from Petrino vs a two high look from FSU. Thomas does a good job fighting through the block of the tackle in pursuit of Jackson while the rest of the defense rallies to the football.
2-5 at Lou37 4-1-6 Jackson, L. rush up middle for no gain to the LOU37 (DeMarcus Walker). Power Read from UL. Walker is the 3 tech with Money personnel on the field and he makes an outstanding play to slip through the double team and meet Jackson right as he pulls the ball off the mesh.
3-5 at Lou37 4-1-6 Jackson, L. sideline pass complete to Bonnafon, R. for 24 yards to the FS39, 1ST DOWN LOU (A.J. Westbrook;Trey Marshall). FSU blitzes Thomas and Lewis off the edge to the field. Standard blitzing coaching point for Lewis would be to check the back to his side before blitzing; if the back releases he's yours in coverage. The pistol alignment from the RB could have bee a factor here in Lewis missing him. Inexperience/lack of discipline from Lewis showing here.
1-10 at Fs39 4-2-5 Radcliff, B. rush right for 5 yards to the FS34, out-of-bounds (Trey Marshall). Pistol flexbone from UL as they motion the left wing to the boundary and run a stretch with a pin and pull off the right tackle. This is a great call and design from UL as it pairs well with their option plays. Pugh has been squeezing down vs option a lot in this game so he steps inside off the tackle and is easily reached by the wing back. Marshall does a better job here getting a quick run read and coming down in suppport on the edge.
2-5 at Fs34 4-2-5 Radcliff, B. rush left for 20 yards to the FS14, 1ST DOWN LOU, out-of-bounds (Marcus Lewis). Same formation and pre-snap motion from UL. Inside Zone and Walker gets way too far up the field on the front side, creating a big lane. Thomas false steps on his fit and Lewis is hesistant to step up and take on the block, allowing UL to string out the run and find a lane on the second level.
1-10 at Fs14 4-2-5 Jackson, L. rush right for 14 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN LOU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:50. Pistol Veer from UL as they read Walker at the 5 tech. Walker squeezes down on the dive and Hoskins should scrape over top for the QB but he does not. UL loads Westbrook and he cannot get off the block, giving up the outside to Jackson on the keep. Westbrook needs to take on this block with his inside pad and force Jackson inside.
O'Hara, E. kick attempt good.
Louisville 14, Florida State 0
Drive: 6 plays, 68 yards, TOP 02:34
George, A. kickoff 62 yards to the FS3, Kermit Whitfield return 35 yards to the FS38 (Cannon, Z.;George, A.).
1-10 at Fs38 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 04:50.
1-10 at Fs38 21 Gun Tight Bunch Right Deondre Francois CU pass complete to Travis Rudolph for 17 yards to the LOU45, 1ST DOWN FS. FSU clears out the zone and sits Rudolph underneath. Solid pass pro from the OL and nice job by Rudoplh on the yards after catch. He also has problems with the turf as he tries to cut back.
1-10 at Lou45 11 Pistol Dalvin Cook rush left for 7 yards to the LOU38 (Wiggins, S.). FSU blocks down on the 3 tech with Johnson and pulls Are and Eberle to the boundary on a stretch play. Good effort from Izzo to reach and pin the DE lined up on his outside shoulder. Beuatiful jump cut by Cook makes the BS LB and safety miss. Wilson does not hold his block on the corner who makes the tackle.
2-3 at Lou38 21 Dalvin Cook rush left for 4 yards to the LOU34, 1ST DOWN FS (Richardson, D). Inside Zone lead weak. Left side of the OL blocks this well and Stevenson gets a good stalemate of the playside backer. Dickerson gets his shoulders turned on the backside chip to backer and is unable to take a proper angle to the backer on the scoop. Not a lot of room to the boundary and FSU needs Wilson to get more movement on the corner to create some space.
1-10 at Lou34 12 Deondre Francois LL pass incomplete to Jesus Wilson, QB hurry by Bailey, D.. Curious call from Fisher as FSU runs a 5 step drop from under center and throws a hitch to Wilson vs press man coverage. Wilson doesn't create much separation. Leonard gets whipped here and Francois takes a shot as he delivers the ball.
2-10 at Lou34 12 Dalvin Cook rush up middle for 1 yard to the LOU33 (Williams, Ch.;Bailey, D.). Same formation from FSU as they run Inside Weak and are looking for the cutback where FSU has numbers. Leonard whiffs on his cutblock of the DE and Saunders takes poor steps resulting in a bad angle to the backside backer.
3-9 at Lou33 20 Gun Deondre Francois rush up middle for 4 yards to the LOU29 (Fields, D.). PA from FSU with a deep cross and the outside receivers run deep breaking routes. UL sends a double A gap blitz with the safety also coming through A late. There's no hot or check down option for Francois here and he makes a nice play to avoid to rush and pick up positive yardage.
4-5 at Lou29 Ricky Aguayo field goal attempt from 47 GOOD, clock 01:41.
Louisville 14, Florida State 3
Drive: 7 plays, 33 yards, TOP 03:09
Logan Tyler kickoff 65 yards to the LOU0, touchback.
1-10 at Lou25 LOUISVILLE drive start at 01:41.
1-10 at Lou25 4-2-5 Jackson, L. CU pass complete to Samuel, T. for no gain to the LOU25 (Jacob Pugh), PENALTY FS holding (DeMarcus Walker) 10 yards to the LOU35, 1ST DOWN LOU, NO PLAY. UL runs a naked roll out off PA and FSU in in great position in man coverage. Walker does briefly grab and hold on to the receiver coming across the formation. Tough break for FSU here.
1-10 at Lou35 4-2-5 Radcliff, B. rush up middle for 5 yards to the LOU40 (Fredrick Jones). ISO from UL as they attack the B gap bubble. Good fill from Hoskins to take on the H back. Thomas overruns his fit but Fred Jones does a great job fighting through the double team to make the stop.
2-5 at Lou40 4-2-5 Jackson, L. rush up middle for 33 yards to the FS27, 1ST DOWN LOU (Jacob Pugh). Power Read from UL to the field. FSU switches up their front and goes to a "30" front wth Lewis as the primary force defender. This look is very unfavorable vs Power Read as UL can read the playside LB and account for everyone else in the blocking scheme. Jackson pulls the ball and cuts back off the pulling guard to a whole lot of green grass.
1-10 at Fs27 4-2-5 Jackson, L. sideline pass complete to Radcliff, B. for 9 yards to the FS18 (Trey Marshall;Matthew Thomas). FSU in cover 4 here vs a 2x2 look. Thomas misses the back out of the backfield. Again, this is probably due to the pistol alignment. Defenders on both sides of the formation have to be aware of the pistol and anticipate the back out to their side.
Drive: 3 plays, 57 yards, TOP 03:21
Louisville 14, Florida State 3