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Florida State Seminoles Opponent Scouting Report: Mississippi Craft Beer Scene

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Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Brown Ale

This is the first weekly installment highlighting the craft beer scene of Florida State's opponent. This segment will feature a brewery from the area and a beer from another brewery in the area, with a focus on best representing the craft beer scene of the Noles’ weekly opponent. We also try to include options that are readily available to those who may not be traveling to the games and want to pick something up from their local package store. Without further delay we present to you craft beer in Mississippi.

Mississippi is known in the beer industry for its generally antiquated alcohol laws. Due to this, the craft beer scene has been slow to grow. Mississippi also combines the lowest per capita income in the country with the 10th highest beer consumption per capita. They can drink plenty of beer, they just can’t afford the good stuff.

While a handful of breweries operate within the state, only Lazy Magnolia is distributed widely outside of Mississippi.Lazy Magnolia is located in Kiln, about a 40 minute drive west of Biloxi and only a few miles from the Louisiana border. They’re best known for their Southern Pecan brown ale. As a big fan of brown ales, this beer is a pretty good example of the style. Not exceptional, and certainly doesn’t live up to their Florida competition in Cigar City’s Maduro or Cubano Espresso brown ales - but it’s solid. You should be able to pick this one up in your local package story at a reasonable price.

Since there really are not any other good options in Mississippi, we will do like Mississippi folks do and get the heck out of dodge to find good beer. Head west on I-10, skip Abita in Baton Rouge, and go straight to NOLA Brewing in New Orleans.Right on Tchopitoulas Street, NOLA has a very good IPA in their Hopitoulas beer. Their description:

Hopitoulas is an easy drinking IPA, appropriate for a beer from the Big Easy. Packs of cans of these are in the reasonable range and can be found at your local package store. If you find yourself in New Orleans, I highly suggest visiting NOLA’s tap room. It has a nice indoor/outdoor area and some good beers you won’t find on the shelf.

If you happen to be in the Mississippi area for some reason during the game, well, that kind of sucks. Head over to New Orleans.

If you're unable to get your hands on any of the above mentioned beers, that's okay, we would love to know what kind of beer you will be enjoying this weekend as Florida State takes care of business against some Cheaters from Ole Miss.