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Florida State football film review: Louisville 2nd quarter

Every Florida State play broken down, win or lose.

It's the Florida State Football Film Review. Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Louisville? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Here is the first quarter against Louisville. All quarters will eventually appear in the Florida State Film Review section of the website.

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NOTE: This is intended to be viewed only on a computer (not a mobile device). We recommend bookmarking it and pulling it up when you get an hour or so.

D-D at Form Play Analysis
2-1 at Fs18 4-2-5 Radcliff, B. rush up middle for 1 yard to the FS17, 1ST DOWN LOU (Walvenski Aime). Pistol Veer again from UL. FSU slow plays the read with Pugh and forces Jackson to give the ball. Great play by Aime at the 3 tech to split the double team and make the tackle.
1-10 at Fs17 4-2-5 Jackson, L. sacked for loss of 9 yards to the FS26 (Jacob Pugh). This is the same play UL ran on their first drive of the game with an intermediate crosser off play action. FSU adjusts by pressing Lewis in man over #2 and Marshall is correct this time in coming off the run fake and dropping to help with the cross. Pugh shows his athleticism to keep leverage on Jackson and bring him down in the open field.
2-19 at Fs26 4-1-6 Jackson, L. sideline pass incomplete, QB hurry by Matthew Thomas, PENALTY LOU personal foul (McNeil, L.) 15 yards to the FS41, NO PLAY. Empty from UL and FSU matches it with Cover 1 while blitzing Thomas through the B gap to the boundary. The pressure causes Jackson to flee the pocket but Thomas' elite closing speed forces Jackson to get rid of the ball.
2-34 at Fs41 4-1-6 Jackson, L. sideline pass incomplete to Staples, J.. After the penalty, FSU rushes 3 and spot drops with 3 deep and 5 underneath. McFadden has no threat to the flat and is smart to get depth to close the window Jackson has to throw while Marshall closes from over top.
3-34 at Fs41 4-1-6 Smith, Je. rush up middle for 10 yards to the FS31 (Jacob Pugh). Same look from FSU and UL is wise to run power into an empty box and get into a manageable distance for a FG try.
4-24 at Fs31 O'Hara, E. field goal attempt from 48 MISSED - hit left upright, spot at FS31, clock 13:20.
Drive: 8 plays, 44 yards, TOP 03:21 Good job by FSU defense to regroup at the quarter break and tighten down on their side of the 50.
1-10 at Fs31 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 13:20.
1-10 at Fs31 12 Gun Deondre Francois rush left for 13 yards to the FS44, 1ST DOWN FS. Play action with a pulling guard in front of Francois on the roll out. Izzo is beaten badly to the inside in pass pro but Dickerson is able to help him out as the puller. Francois continues to roll left and has Saunders open but also has a ton of grass in front of him. Good decision by Francois to use his legs and then slide at the right time.
1-10 at Fs44 12 Tight Bunch Right Jacques Patrick rush for 41 yards to the LOU15, 1ST DOWN FS (Thomas, S.). FSU goes hurry up and tosses to Patrick to the field. All of the playside OL and TEs make great blocks, particularly Dickerson who reaches and pins the 5 tech lined up over Leonard, allowing Leonard to pull and kick out the safety. This is a run you love to see from Patrick as he hits the hole hard, bust through the tackle of the high safety and shows vision to cut back in the open field.
1-10 at Lou15 12 Tight Bunch Right Dalvin Cook rush SR for 2 yards to the LOU13 (Fields, D.;Shortridge, K.), PENALTY FS personal foul (Travis Rudolph) 15 yards to the LOU30, NO PLAY. Terrible mental mistake from Saunders here. FSU runs the same play. By alignment of the defense, Rudolph has the down block so Saunders can loop around and kick out the force defender. Instead, Saunders cuts the defender Rudolph is engaged with.
1-25 at Lou30 11 Gun Deondre Francois CU pass complete to Jesus Wilson for 8 yards to the LOU22 (Wiggins, S.;Harvey-Clemons). 3 step drop as Francois hits Wilson on a hitch vs press coverage. Wilson does better here to get separation and then get up field quickly after the catch.
2-17 at Lou22 11 Gun Dalvin Cook rush left for 2 yards to the LOU20 (Brown, D.). RPO from FSU with the OL blocking Power. Francois makes the correct read here to give the ball but UL is in a run blitz with the DL slanting to the playside. This disrupts the run as Eberle is beat across his face by the 1 tech and Johnson oversteps and lunges on his downblock. Are has to help Eberle and can't get to the backer and Cook has no where to go.
3-15 at Lou20 Empty Deondre Francois pass complete to Auden Tate for 20 yards to the LOU0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:56. FSU puts the trips to the boundary and runs all 3 vertical. UL shows blitz but drops to cover 4. Corner to the boundary is asked to mid point the #1 and #2 receiver vertical. Francois' arm talent on display here as he needs to put this ball on a line before the corner can squeeze it or the safety can get over. Good design by Fisher to attack the coverage and use a big body receiver in the redzone.
Ricky Aguayo kick attempt good.
Louisville 14, Florida State 10
Drive: 5 plays, 69 yards, TOP 02:24 Feels like FSU has weathered the storm after the rough start...
Logan Tyler kickoff 60 yards to the LOU5, Samuel, T. return 16 yards to the LOU21 (Matthew Thomas;Jacob Pugh).
1-10 at Lou21 LOUISVILLE drive start at 10:56.
1-10 at Lou21 4-2-5 Jackson, L. rush right for 16 yards to the LOU37, 1ST DOWN LOU, out-of-bounds (Matthew Thomas). UL motions the H back to the boundary and runs Pistol Veer again. Walker is the read key and he crashes hard on the dive. Hoskins again is slow to scrape over top and get to Jackson on the pull read. Marshall is also slow to get a run read. He should key the arc from the H back and be up to take on the block near the line of scrimmage. If you're a step slow, Jackson makes you pay.
1-10 at Lou37 4-2-5 Bonnafon, R. rush left for 5 yards to the LOU42 (Nate Andrews). UL motions the slot receiver to the backfield and runs two back Power Read to the field. Walker squeezes and forces the give to the RB on the sweep. Lewis does a better job here to take on and defeat the block of the slot. FSU finally gets an aggressive fill from a safety as Andrews triggers on the run read and stops the RB in his tracks.
2-5 at Lou42 4-1-6 Jackson, L. deep pass incomplete to Staples, J.. Jackson tests McFadden on a vertical down the sideline. Excellent press man coverage from McFadden as he closes the space between the sideline and turns to see the ball, which is slighty overthrown.
3-5 at Lou42 4-1-6 Jackson, L. slant pass complete to Quick, J. for 30 yards to the FS28, 1ST DOWN LOU. UL lines up in a wide bunch for the first time on a critical 3rd down. They release the point man outside and then bend him back inside on a post vs a zone from FSU. Just a perfect throw by Jackson to get the ball over Nate and in front of the deep defenders. Marshall takes a poor angle in the open field and misses the tackel to allow Quick to pick up an extra 10.
1-10 at Fs28 4-1-6 Radcliff, B. rush up middle for 7 yards to the FS21 (DeMarcus Walker;Matthew Thomas). UL hurries to the line and keeps FSU's 3rd down defense on the field. Power play from UL. Pugh gets a poor squeeze on the downblock from the tackle and allows the TE to step inside and seal him. Thomas is bad with his footwork here as he crosses over laterally and does not come down hill, allowing a cut back lane for the RB.
2-3 at Fs21 4-2-5 Jackson, L. rush left for 10 yards to the FS11, 1ST DOWN LOU (Matthew Thomas). Pistol Veer option to the boundary. Pugh slow plays the read and Jackson keeps and then sets up Pugh to the outside before cutting back. Jackson is a dynamic athlete but Pugh has to be disciplined here and force Jackson to bounce outside to Hoskins who is scraping over top.
1-10 at Fs11 4-2-5 Jackson, L. rush right for 9 yards to the FS2, out-of-bounds (Nate Andrews). Busted play for UL as they play action and rollout to the field but the backsie receiver runs the wrong route. It appears FSU struggled to communicate the call as well here as they have no one for contain on Jackson and he has a lot of room to run.
2-1 at Fs02 5-2-4 Radcliff, B. rush right for no gain to the FS2, out-of-bounds (Tarvarus McFadden;Jacob Pugh). Zone Read from UL. FSU has Sweat playing the QB and forcing the give. Good job up front by Nnadi and Christmas to hold the point and force the RB to bounce. Pugh keeps contain on the edge and forces the RB out of bounds.
3-1 at Fs02 Smith, Je. rush over left guard for 2 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN LOU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 07:40. I-formation ISO from UL. Walker is the 3 tech and tries to shoot the gap but is washed by the tackle, leaving a hole for the FB to ISO Patti and lead the way for the RB into the endzone. Walker trying to make a play but needs to be more disciplined with his assignment here.
O'Hara, E. kick attempt good.
Louisville 21, Florida State 10
Drive: 9 plays, 79 yards, TOP 03:16
George, A. kickoff 64 yards to the FS1, out-of-bounds, FS ball on FS35.
1-10 at Fs35 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 07:40.
1-10 at Fs35 Pony Deondre Francois rush for loss of 12 yards to the FS23, fumble by Deondre Francois recovered by LOU Alexander, J. at FS23. Play action and Francois mis-steps then tries to correct it and runs into Cook with the ball.
Drive: 1 plays, minus 12 yards, TOP 00:05 Big turning point of the game.
1-10 at Fs23 LOUISVILLE drive start at 07:35.
1-10 at Fs23 4-2-5 Jackson, L. crossing pass complete to Quick, J. for 5 yards to the FS18, out-of-bounds (Matthew Thomas). Another good play design from Petrino as UL motions the receiver tight and sends him on a drag. Hoskins has to see the drag and come off his carry of the TE to take it away. Nice tackle by Thomas on a receiver in the open field.
2-5 at Fs18 PENALTY LOU false start (Quick, J.) 6 yards to the FS24.
2-11 at Fs24 4-2-5 Jackson, L. rush up middle for 13 yards to the FS11, 1ST DOWN LOU (Marcus Lewis). Power Read to the boundary. Sweat and Thomas both flow to the RB on the sweep and there is no one to account for Jackson on the keep. Hoskins has the cutback here but overruns the plays.
1-10 at Fs11 4-2-5 Radcliff, B. rush right for 4 yards to the FS7 (Nate Andrews). Split Zone from UL out of pistol. Aime is the 3 tech to the playside and can't get off his block as Radcliff cuts into his gap. He doesn't get much help from Walker to his side as Walker is easily widened by the tackle. Good play by Andrews to come up in run support, breakdown down and make the tackle.
2-6 at Fs07 4-2-5 Jackson, L. rush right for 3 yards to the FS4 (Ro'Derrick Hoskins). Speed option to the boundary out of pistol. Nice play from Burns here to take on the cut and force Jackson back inside and lose pitch relation with the RB. Hoskins shows good speed here as he comes unblocked from the backside to make the tackle.
3-3 at Fs04 Timeout Louisville, clock 05:08.
3-3 at Fs04 4-2-5 Jackson, L. crossing pass complete to Smith, Ja. for 4 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN LOU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:03. FSU goes Cover 0 vs 2x2 and blitzes Lewis, Hoskins and Thomas. FSU can't handle the nasty split(tight stack) to the boundary. Standard coverage vs this look is "Banjo" where Marshall and McFadden take the closest receivers to them if they switch at the snap. This should be handled like a "switch" in basketball. Marshall busts the coverage and the drag is left wide open.
O'Hara, E. kick attempt good.
Louisville 28, Florida State 10
Drive: 5 plays, 23 yards, TOP 02:32
George, A. kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, Kermit Whitfield return 18 yards to the FS18 (Williams, M.).
1-10 at Fs18 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 05:03.
1-10 at Fs18 22 Dalvin Cook rush SL for 2 yards to the FS20 (Williams, Ch.). Toss sweep to the field. UL has a 4i over Johnson and a DE lined up inside shade of Izzo. Izzo has to reach the end so Johnson can pull and this play to get to the edge but he is unable to do so, forcing Cook to cut back into the 4i. Izzo having a rough day blocking up to this point.
2-8 at Fs20 11 Gun Deondre Francois crossing pass complete to Nyqwan Murray for 11 yards to the FS31, 1ST DOWN FS (Alexander, J.). 3 step drop from Francois as he bangs a post to Murray on the hash vs off coverage. Accurate, rhythm throw from Francois and nice catch by Murray with a defender on his back.
1-10 at Fs31 11 Dalvin Cook rush left for 8 yards to the FS39 (Hearns, J.). Same play we saw in the first quarter, counter action by the QB and a toss weak to get Cook to the edge. The action from Francois is just enough to make the DE and LBs hesitate and allow Cook to use his speed on the outside.
2-2 at Fs39 11 Gun Dalvin Cook rush up middle for 1 yard to the FS40 (Kelsey, K.). Zone Read from FSU. They block the DE and leave the LB unblocked but it appears Francois has his eyes on the DE through the mesh. Based on the blocking scheme, Francois should be reading the LB and this should be a pull read. If Francois pulls this he's running for a while.
3-1 at Fs40 12 Deondre Francois rush up middle for 3 yards to the FS43, 1ST DOWN FS (Thomas, S.). QB sneak through the A gap bubble to pick up the first down.
1-10 at Fs43 11 Gun Deondre Francois CU pass incomplete to Jesus Wilson (Wiggins, S.). FSU again goes back to the hitch to Wilson vs press man and again it is unsuccessful as Wiggins anticipates the route with safety help over top. Curious about the thought process here from Fisher.
2-10 at Fs43 12 Gun Tight Bunch Left Deondre Francois sacked for loss of 2 yards to the FS41 (Brown, D.). At first look, it appears Francois drops back and leaves a clean pocket with no pressure. But after hearing Fisher's comments I believe this was a play design to take advantage of man coverage to the single receiver to the field but Wilson ran the wrong route. Francois looks left to look off the middle field safety then comes back right to hit Wilson but he's in the wrong spot so Francois eats the ball.
3-12 at Fs41 Empty Deondre Francois sacked for loss of 12 yards to the FS29 (Fields, D.). UL puts 6 on the LOS vs Emtpy, rushes 5 and drops 1 into coverage with man to man behind it. This is a good design vs FSU's protection as UL overloads the right side of the line and the DE is unblocked to the QB. Francois needs to check this and get the ball out quick underneath vs the pressure.
4-24 at Fs29 Timeout Louisville, clock 01:27.
4-24 at Fs29 Logan Tyler punt 42 yards to the LOU29, out-of-bounds.
Drive: 8 plays, 11 yards, TOP 03:46
1-10 at Lou29 LOUISVILLE drive start at 01:17.
1-10 at Lou29 4-1-6 Jackson, L. crossing pass complete to Quick, J. for 16 yards to the LOU45, 1ST DOWN LOU (Tarvarus McFadden). UL lines up in a tight 2x2 pistol formation and runs a Mesh concept vs man coverage. Not the best matchup for McFadden having to chase a smaller, quicker receiver across the field on a drag. Quick creates some separation and Jackson put the ball right on him.
1-10 at Lou45 4-1-6 Jackson, L. sideline pass complete to Hikutini, C. for 9 yards to the FS46, out-of-bounds (Jacob Pugh). FSU rushes 3 with 3 deep and 5 underneath defenders. UL wisely goes at Pugh in coverage who is lined up over the TE. Pugh drops to the hook/curl area but leaves too much space between he and the TE on an out route.
2-1 at Fs46 4-1-6 Jackson, L. sideline pass complete to Quick, J. for 44 yards to the FS2, 1ST DOWN LOU, out-of-bounds (A.J. Westbrook). UL lines up in 2x2 and is again trying to work the TE on an out route, this time vs Andrews in coverage. McFadden is in tight man coverage on the outside receiver, who stops his route and is actually trying to block McFadden. Jackson over throws the TE and and the ball goes through McFadden's hands and into the receiver's and he's off to the races. Corner has to make that play if he gets his hands on it, but it's also really bad luck for FSU.
1-G at Fs02 4-1-6 Jackson, L. rush right for loss of 3 yards to the FS5 (Jacob Pugh). Pistol Veer option from UL. FSU adjusts and blitzes Hoskins to take away the dive and has Pugh and Marshall to play the QB near the goaline. Pugh again is excellent in space as he's under control, maintains his leverage and then finishes the play.
2-G at Fs05 4-1-6 Jackson, L. crossing pass complete to Quick, J. for 4 yards to the FS1 (Ro'Derrick Hoskins). FSU rushes 3 and sends Westbrook on a delayed blitz. Man to man with Hoskins in robber coverage. UL runs the #1 receiver to the boundary underneath on a drag and Hoskins helps to pick it up as it crosses in front of him. Good coverage from FSU.
3-G at Fs01 Timeout Louisville, clock 00:16.
3-G at Fs01 Timeout Florida State, clock 00:16.
3-G at Fs01 4-1-6 Jackson, L. rush right for 1 yard to the FS0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:12. UL sprints out Jackson to the field and FSU brings edge pressure with Westbrook bltizing outside and Lewis looping underneath. Westbrook takes a poor angle and is too wide and too far upfield, creating a big lane. Pugh is also in no mans land, 6 yards deep in the endzone and has no chance to get to Jackson before the goalline. Poor execution from the Noles off a timeout.
O'Hara, E. kick attempt good.
Louisville 35, Florida State 10