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‘A Season With’ FSU Football continues with a tough episode 3

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The day that none of us want to relive.

This week we have a much different episode to watch than the one of last week. It’s probably the game that no FSU fan wants to re-watch. After such a blowout loss FSU now looks forward to restructuring and reshaping a very much beaten down team early in the season.

Some may call this the start of the ‘ASW curse’ as we recall Notre Dame’s season last year, and while what we saw on Saturday was far from anything resembling a No. 2 team, we hope the coming episode (and season) show how a power program weathers the storm of what could be called a season-crushing loss.

In this episode, we’ll take a look at how a coaching staff adjusts to some major injuries, and how major mistakes led to the result of the game versus Louisville. As a fan base, we hope to gain some closure from this episode and look forward to how our team plans to get this season back on track.

Make sure to tune into Showtime at 10pm ET and share your thoughts on tonight’s episode.