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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show updates/takeaways: South Florida week

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Coach Fisher had lots to say on his weekly call-in show.

Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show

Just days after the disheartening loss at Louisville, Jimbo Fisher returned to the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Tallahassee for another edition of his weekly call-in show, handling a lot of questions regarding the failures against UL. Here were some of the takeaways from this week’s program:

Who handles the pre-snap adjustments on the Florida State defense?

One unique question posed to Fisher during the show regarded which defensive players are responsible for making any necessary pre-play adjustments. Fisher began by sharing that there are multiple players who handle different aspects of these duties as the front seven require different adjustments than the secondary. In the front seven, Fisher stated that Ro’Derrick Hoskins entered the season handling most of the pre-snap adjustments but went on to say that fellow inside linebacker Matthew Thomas has been given more of these duties over the past few weeks. In the secondary, Fisher conceded that Derwin James was responsible for most of these adjustments before suffering his injury, a possible explanation for the numerous mishaps in coverage against UL. With James out, they have attempted to give Marquez White some duties but it has proved difficult for a true cornerback to assess the entire offense and what needs to be done so junior safety Trey Marshall has been training on handling the adjustments as well.

Has Fisher considered simplifying the defense?

Another caller, TN regular Crawdad, laid out the fact that members of the Florida State defense looked outright lost on multiple occasions on Saturday, posing the question to Fisher if he has consider simplifying the defensive scheme. Fisher began his answer by clarifying that on Louisville’s first passing touchdown of the game, FSU was in man defense and nothing can possibly get more simple than that. However, he went on to say that he knows this defense is capable of successfully running Florida State’s scheme but that it comes down to an increased level of discipline and not trying to do too much by yourself while neglecting your personal assignment. More specifically with the defensive backs, Fisher stressed a need to maintain eye discipline and make sure to not keep their eyes in the backfield, instead staying with their assignment.

How does Fisher feel about defensive coordinator Charles Kelly?

Fisher maintained his high opinion of Kelly throughout his response when prompted by a caller. He began by sharing that he believes Kelly played an integral role in the success of the 2013 defense (as defensive backs coach) and the 2015 defense (as coordinator). Fisher stated firmly that he has full faith and belief in Kelly and believes he is the right person for the job.

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